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Blue Clarity Radio

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Posted by TTT
I have modded Corman's & Thomassafca's Clarity Radio to a blue version instead of red.

Credit to:
Corman (on Se-nse)
Thomassafca (on Se-nse
Our own Trojan001

Unpack the file with WinRar or something similar.

Make sure to read the Read Me! file before you start.

The file contains:
Read Me file
Link to SE Image Tool
All necessary files to make it your own
Ready made CyberShot and Walkman .ic files
Radio_Layout files


These are the screenshots I can do but not with a station on becaouse you will see the blue buttons and the radio ads and such.

Someone with N shooter please take some photos of the radio working on a local station since my phone doesn't like elfs.

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