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Built in browser stay on ?

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Posted by engrusaf
I had T700, Can anybody know how to use multiple activities while browsing with netfront. I read the tip somewhere in past but dont remember now. I am not asking 4 other java browser but to native browser that close itself even you press shortcut button to do other task.

Posted by Excalibur69
@engrusaf, if your phone supports multi-tasking then you can do other activities while browsing...

Posted by tranced
It can't be done, sadly.

Posted by Excalibur69
Yeah! Solution is to buy another phone... (just kidding!)

Posted by litemint
java browser would be the answer.

Posted by Mtwee
Can any1 pls help me with a direct dwnload link on my samsung e250 for opera mini mod .jad unsigned version . Thanx

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Posted by groovepeppy

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