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W610 indicates headset is connected all the time

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Posted by Doidon
Hello, i have a problem with my W610i. The phone thinks the headset is connected almost all the time, i can tell that because of the icon in top of the display, sometimes it can random jump to being not connected and back.

This is causing problems cause when i talk to some one the phone thinks the headset is connected and there is no sound cause the phone prolly tries to send the signal to the headset that's not connected, i can solve this by puting on speaker tho. The same thing happens when i'm trying to listen to music.

So have anyone have a similar problem or know how you can solve this? Unfortunatly the warranty have run out.

Edit: When i'm charging the phone it says, charging unknown battery. If that might have anything to do with my problem?
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Posted by strauts
your w610 have
deteriorated metal
contacts to which the
headphone jack is
soldered to the

Sory about my english because i translited it with google

Posted by Doidon
So it's the contact that is bad? Is there any way to fix this?
Or is it maybe possible to disable the headset in the software?

Posted by strauts
yes it can be repaired. It
is possible that the
workshops do not want
your phone to take it,
because repaired very
detailed contacts, but it
is possible that you can
fix it. Opens the phone
and check whether there
touching two or more

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