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HPM-82 and C510 not working together

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Posted by pj147

Has anybody got the HPM-82 headset working reliably with their C510? Mine just won't play ball. I've had the headset for about 2 years and have enjoyed using it flawlessly with my K800i. Whenever I plug it in to my C510 it will either not be recognised, or will be recognised after a significant delay. If it is recognised, the little symbol comes up on the display and stays there - BUT, as soon as I try to play a track, the headset "disappears" and I get the messge "Continue playback through speakers?" If I select "no" or just wait for a couple of seconds, the headset is re-recognised and the headphone symbol appears on the screen again.

Sometimes it's possible to play a track or two without trouble, but two consecutive tracks are the most I've got out of it. After that, about 1-2 seconds into the track, the connection will drop again.

I've searched all over the web and all I could find that seemed relevant was a guy complaining of a similar problem:

I have been wondering if it was something to do with debranding my phone (sadly I didn't try the headset before debranding). The C510 is 2 weeks old and I have had it unlocked, then debranded it myself with the A2Uploader method (customize_upgrade.xml) with CDA set to "WESTERN-EUROPE" - I used CDA Filemaker v2.0 to generate the xml file - then SEUS to flash the firmware. Is this the right firmware for me? I'm in the UK. Maybe there is a bug?

I'm pretty sure it's not a fake headset as I bought it from Play.com (directly, not through one of their sellers).

If it's a lost cause, can anybody recommend any canal-phones that are known to work properly with the C510?

Thanks for any advice,

Posted by centur
Clean phone connector !

Posted by pj147
Thanks for the advice Centur...

So, I went down to the test floor (I'm at work right now) and used a brass(?) brush to give the contacts on the phone and headset a gentle scrub. I then sprayed some contact cleaner on both sets of contacts. For the contacts on the headset, I worked them up and down a little with a flat piece of metal (I guess I could have used a flat-blade screwdriver, but hey) to make sure that the contact cleaner worked into the pins. I then used some cotton cloth, dampened with contact cleaner, to wipe clean all the surfaces/contacts/pins and remove any small particles of debris.

The net result of all this is that the phone now recognises the headset pretty much straight away every time I plug it in. However, the "bug" still remains.

Now when I plug it in, if I use the phone to navigate to the music player and start playing the tracks they seem to be ok. I can skip a few tracks, and at first I thought "great!" but then I skipped to another track and bingo - after about 3 seconds the headset disappears! I click "no" to continue through speakers and straight away the headset re-appears.

If I use the buttons on the headset it's a definite no-go. I press play on the headset and 3 seconds after play starts, the connection is dropped. If I start playing from the phone, then press to skip a track on the headset, again, 3 seconds and the connection is dropped.

I'm sure I could pick up another headset quite cheaply, but it's the principle really. The headset is listed on the website as being compatible, but for me, it's not.

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