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Posted by laffen
It is this time of the year. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I am flying to Spain tomorrow morning, and I will participate at the Sony Ericsson press event en the evening. As usual, I will be posting all interesting stuff in the MWC section here at Esato. The congress area is huge and it is impossible to cover everything. If you feel I have missed something (info/photos), please let me know and I will try to find out. I have a press badge so most exhibitors are very helpfull. I will post in the Esato Blog as well so you should watch that space also.

Enjoy. I will


A couple of photos from last year:

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Posted by mallaccra
thanks for the info laffen...
we will definitely looking forward to all the posting and btw the link MWC section is not working at this point of time.

enjoy your stay and participation

Posted by ceaser2008
Thanks laffen for covering the event.

Posted by HxH
Great, really excited what's SE will bring it on show.

Posted by Rookwise
According to SE developer world on facebook the X10 mini and X10 mini pro have been shown. I'm on my Satio atm so cant post a link but others are also members and might be able to post the link.



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Posted by PeterKay


Posted by Rookwise
You beat me to it matey. Was just about to mention the Vivaz and Vivaz pro

Basically we're gonna get a full touch version and also one with touch and slide out keyboard.

Posted by PeterKay
the minis look good eh' Andy!

I like em

Posted by Rookwise
The mini's do look good. Especially the pro versions. I like a hardware keyboard.
Should'nt think the 2.55 inch screens will bother me much either as long as its viewable.

Posted by boy.in.PINK
i just want the PINK x10 mini.. ahahaha.. thanks sir laffen for covering this up!

Posted by laffen
The X10 Mini Pro keyboard was very pleasant to use. Between the X2 and Vivaz Pro in my opinion. Where X2 has the best keyboard. The X10 Mini Pro keyboard is of course much smaller than the X2's. I'll upload a comparison photo soon

Posted by tranced
Nice to know that.

Can we get also photos taken by x10 mini/mini pro and vivaz pro?


Posted by laffen
I'll try. It is usually not allowed because the devices not are final products. I'll see if I can Bluetooth beam a couple of photos over to my phone anyway

Posted by tranced
Laffen has updated it again. Check it out http://www.esato.com/news/mwc/article.php?id=37

Posted by PeterKay
Nicely done Laffen

and nice piccies


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