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Vodafones YouTube Channel

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Posted by Miss UK
I just stumbled across Vodafones own YouTube page,
where they review there current handsets, so in theory you can watch the video's and
judge for yourself if the phones are worth it or not


Posted by Bonovox
That should be interesting we shall hear them all moaning about branding. But will Vodafone take noticed of that no chance. Do Vodafone take hints from this? I would say get rid of branding on a video and can you please make sim free phones work with Vodafone live!

Posted by Miss UK
The branding has never bothered me,
I just thought it would be intresting for people to view the video's before
they rush out into a deadly contract with Vodafone, I liked the look of the Satio before I saw that video,
it looks clunky lol X2 is nice though im trying not to look at phones personally

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