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Video Problem

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Posted by alfajerry
Hi Guys, I'd appreciate some help.
Have a K810i which is supposed to play mp4 but mine doesn't.
If I select the file in the Video folder the icon is a musical note and the sound will play but no picture.
If I select the Video Player from the Entertainment folder it doesn't list any videos and says currently unavailable if I press play.
Any ideas?

Posted by StevenC
Make sure you encoded the video in mpeg4. Xvid and h264 is different and may not play on all phones.

Posted by alfajerry
Definitely correct encode.

Posted by mallaccra
i think it's something to do with the phone's processor where it need time to read/process "large file" before it can be played or sometimes it can't even read. try a smaller video file using the same encoding and if it can be played then the processor is at fault....i think your phone is fine

Posted by alfajerry
Thanks Mallaccra, you're spot-on.
Any idea what the file size limit might be?

Posted by mallaccra
i tried to play a 711mb mp4 movie on my k850 it froze but not on my other phones. currently the biggest mp4 file on my k850 is 19mb and it play without any lag...not very sure on the file size limit though

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