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Battery dsicharges in a short period of time

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Posted by jhayms
Hello Happy New Year!

Im curious regarding may K810i, the battery life gets drained easily. It started when i connected my phone to a computer which i think have shorted or there is electricity static usb port. I notice it wen, i put my Usb Memory stick on the said port and the memory stick got damage and unusable.

Whats get me confused, i went to different repair shop and said the it is battery problem, the fact that i have 2 extra battery which when i use now dont last long (before it last 6 hours and now only and hour) and the original battery lasts for 2 days before and now lasts for 6 - 8 hours only.

One technician said the phone was shorted. but the other said it was a battery problem. But the sad part after saying the cause, they dont have parts for SE phone. The original battery cost high. Maybe anyone encountered same problem and can give an opinion wat to do..


Posted by aquared29
maybe ur phone fastport need to be replace
if u already got a new battery

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