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Opera mini mod 2.06 signed

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Posted by aloukay
Hey everyone i was looking for om mod signed like hell but i was never able to find it cos as you know unsigned version cant upload or download so would you please give me a signed virsion of om mod 2.06

Posted by litemint
Was there no availavable jad file at the opera website? I think your phone must have certificate installed. I think there is a signer for jar files, had you tried google?

Posted by aloukay
Yes i tried google but i could find just 4.2 but it wouldnt work for me cos it doesnt support proxy bar as 2.06 does and am using nokia 6600 and it doesnt need jad file just jar

Posted by litemint
I knew your using nokia, heheh.

i can't recall where i saw a jad file, let me find it tommorrow when i got to work at my pc.

Posted by Cyborg_a0
what are you gonna upload?
If your using your nokia 6600, you can't upload the files that is in your gallery or mem. card, because os7 phones doesn't have jsr-75,
you can only upload of what is in your
or the rms.db

so even signed vrs won't work.

Posted by litemint
Oh, n6600 phone, hey cy, will fexplorer can work on that phöne?

now i remember,way back, i tried ucweb on n6600, and it shows no download manager on it.

Posted by Cyborg_a0
try opera8.65.sis
only symbian apps can upload but java apps can't.

@super lite
what kind of fexplore?
The symbian or the java one?
If symbian yes.
if java no.

Posted by aloukay
Hey cyborg i had the signed version before and i was able to upload some of my files to ufym.net i dont know about downloading becous i steel dont know how to download with 2.06 also i could use the filemanger builted in opera mini to brows my n6600 mmc but unfortunatly i lost it and know the version i got cant use the fileman or upload or download exept from the rms .By the way where can i find that rms in my phone i cant see it any where

Posted by Cyborg_a0
what n6600 is that? classic or slide?
n6600 classic has no jsr-75 so it's very very impossible to upload files from your mmc or phone using any operamini.

rms stands for roms meaning inside the om,
you can only find the files you downloaded from om2.06 inside.
Its in the filemanager of om2.06.

Posted by saudktk
Jst use opera 8.65,It has built-in file manager,wid which u can uplod any thng from ur mmc or phone.And also downlod dirctly to ur mmc.
best of luck...!

Posted by Nhyrohale23
lets post nothing im on off topic nyeyeye requesting a link for this apss signed

Posted by aloukay
The opera 8.65 sucks cos if i want to brows for free i need to put the t9space.Com/pow.... Everytime also the t9space bare is so annoying beside the pages are not shown correctly that why i prefer mini .Opera mobile would be great if you have full internet but for tricked internet opera mini is the answer

Posted by Cyborg_a0
well there's nothing we can do, our phone sucks because it doesn't have jsr-75 that allow a java to read and write files on mmc or phone memory.

i'm also using an os7 phone nokia 3230 and i can't upload too.

Try like this if you dont want to type all


Posted by aloukay
Yes os7 sucks and it runs java so slowly but im gonna trad it with my friend my n6600 + 60$ for his lg kp500 good deal isnt it?
So how to download with 2.06 cos when i try to download all i get is connecting.. I tried to put freesite@ before the download link at the download manager but steel the same

Posted by Cyborg_a0
@trick won't work to me also, only ip trick does.

Posted by aloukay
Would you explaind to me what that ip trick is may it would work for me

Posted by Bheng18
change ur default pr0xy int0 a w0rking pr0xy.. ex. ip: flyproxy.com p0rt:80 h0mepage:freesite/index.php..

Posted by Cyborg_a0
Hehe Bheng already posted an example of ip trick.

But i will ask this again is there any other setting aside from what you are using with the @trick that has no ip and no port?

We here in philippines our network has 2 setting for internet



MyGLOBE CONNECT = use for wap browsing in phone. This setting has a defaul setting.


MyGLOBE INET = use for browsing and can be use for phone as modem. This setting has no ip and no port.

Posted by aloukay
Yes i have such setting it a 3g cnx
id and pass:MEDINET
but i have no free site with this settings

Posted by Cyborg_a0
your problem is downloading right? i suggest you use xget downloader since you are using @trick it will have resume download.
I'll post all the download link here as soon gathered them all.

Xget 1.75

python script shell:

phyton s60 2nd:

python module pack:


Xget is powered by python so you need to install all that.

[ This Message was edited by: Cyborg_a0 on 2009-12-24 22:47 ]

Posted by aloukay
Yes im looking for download trick via om mod not via other app cos im already using opera 8.60 to downloa but im not satisfied with it also i heared that mini opera downloads faster than any other app but i will give the apps you posted a shot and reply to you

Posted by litemint
Does opera8.65 has template?

or has copy paste function?

Posted by aloukay
I just cheked opera 8.65 has no such things but it has auto site address save so you can writ the site you want to access by editing your previeus site and that was cos i dont have to writ wap.Meditel.Ma.T9space.Com/power/s/http/.. Everytime

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