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video record tricks

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Posted by Navar
hi guys.to save your video after finshed recording fast.just do this: open your camera by press the camera buttum then when you finshed record and want to stop.dont press the stop buttum.just turne the camera off by pressing the on/off camera buttum.it will show saving for 1 second.i descover that by my self.it save the video so fast what ever it long video
i try it on k850
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Posted by bOlbi
gotta try

Posted by alexjems41
Anybody tried this?Is this really work.I don't have k850 but have K510.So Is this trick feasible for that too?Let me have a try on 510 and check it out and may be possible like him I can discover something.
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Posted by centur
On my C902 work!

Posted by goarthur77
i second the motion!

Posted by groovepeppy
works on J105i...

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
Does this trick work on SE phones only?

Posted by sweetshaan88
Yes.. It works on all SE phones.. I was using W810i before.. Now I am using G502.. This trick works..


Posted by Navar
Yea i think it will work on all se phones

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
SE phones alone? How about for nokia users? Does this trick work too?

Posted by Navar
Why dont you try by your self if this tric will work on nokia or not
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Posted by goarthur77
Now here's a trick you won't find elsewhere!

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
Okay, i'll try it myself. It's worth giving a try! Thanks!

Posted by Navar
Xxamba did you try it with nokia?what the resulte?did it work?even when i dobut it will not

Posted by qedcyxx
nice trick..of coz ill do this trick..thanxs... :-D

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
I tried it on my nokia unit which is a low end one but it didn't work. I don't know if it will on some high end phones. Anyways, thank you for sharing us this trick!

Posted by Navar
@xxamba oh.iam s0rry to hear that any way its work in all se
@qed you are welcome

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
Yeah, sorry for me! It's just not meant for my handset. Thanks anyway!

Posted by OperaDabaw22
thanks for this wonderful discovery mate.. =) rock on

Posted by Navar
Opera you are welcome mat sony ericsson ROCKS!!

Posted by exaflare23
OMG! it works on my Nokia N82

Posted by Excalibur69
I'll try this one TS...thanks for the tip.

Posted by Navar
Work on n82!!good for you @exc what the TS mean?

Posted by Excalibur69
@Navar, TS means Thread Starter or Author, sorry for the confusion i caused hehe...BTW, it works on my LG KP500, haven't tried yet on my N6120c and N95...

Posted by nevar27
i kn0w diz trick f0r s0 l0ng,s0rry but it is c0mm0n....! Diz trick wil w0rk on any ph0ne m0del w/ vide0 camera..

Posted by Navar
@nevar27 so why you dont share it before if you know it from long time

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