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From the forum:

Vodafone and dodgy Samsung Jet's

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Posted by lukechris
Hi all
I'm now using my THIRD Samsung Jet in 3 weeks. I have had to get family to take 2 days off work to stay in for deliveries and have had to make a 20 mile round trip to get the original phone then the 2 replacements ........ and you guessed it, this one's gone too. I am here to ask if I have any rights to cancel the contract or get another phone and if I have anything behind me when I make the call.
Many thanks to anyone who replies.

Posted by Bonovox
Is this an upgrade or a new connection? Or have you had the phone for over a month? Normally most networks offer a different product if you have had many faulty units. But under the terms of the contract they should be providing you with working equipment if they are not then yes of course you have rights. I am not sure about cancelling contracts though. Someone else may know. Years ago i had 4 faulty w900 phones and that was with Vodafone. They finally agreed i could have another phone but you gotta be tough with them and mention your contract agreement. Don't back down and don't keep agreeing with everything they tell you. What was wrong with the phones?

Posted by lukechris
Hi thanks for the reply. Like I said I have had the phone 3 weeks now and it's an upgrade.
The problems are as below:
1) Can't make calls/texts and not a SIM problem
2) Can not get any usefullness out of the 3.5mm jack because of a bad solder (crackling and breakinn up)
3) .... and now I am trying to see if I can sort out another problem on the phone and if not I will do as you said.

Edit: I just want to note that I do love the phone, but if they have a dodgy batch then they should do something about it
Thanks man
[ This Message was edited by: lukechris on 2009-11-22 19:54 ]

Posted by lukechris
On phone getting a different one looking at what I can get now

Posted by Bonovox
Nice one The Jet is a nice phone and Samsung are generally more reliable than most but it must be a bad batch. Good one let us know what ya get.

Posted by lukechris
I'm getting a Satio, and as much as I say I didn't miss , I bloody did lol.
Shame the cheeky bas***ds (lets keep esato friendly ) made me pay 50 on my January bill.
Anyway happy and good stuff, thanks

Posted by Bonovox
Oh good one i am pleased for you. Just goes to show if you don't ask ya don't get I am jealous now i want a Satio

Posted by lukechris
You not like the Aino or don't you have one?

Posted by Bonovox
I do like it but would prefer a Satio but can't afford one yet. I am on pay as you go.

Posted by Bonovox
I just read on GSM Arena that the Jet is now getting a new firmware update. Though Vodafone use different firmware but the satio is better

Posted by lukechris
Lol don't care now anyway . Most of my probs were hardware problems anyway but thanks

Posted by Bonovox
What gets me is on GSM Arena it says the Jet new firmware is supposed to fix the lag problems. I thought it was supposed to be fast anyway with its speedy processor

Posted by lukechris
Lol good point. I never ever had a problem with crashing / lag or anything it was a great phone, whilst it lasted

Posted by Bonovox
No Samsung phones generally are more reliable than other manufacturers. Shame. Bet the screen on the Jet looked stunning

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