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fundamental touch screen phone

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Posted by boy.in.PINK
okay, okay.. you may think that my concept sucks, but i've always thinking of technologies of affordable and green mobile collaborating.. i'll call it Sony Ericsson Aiste

This thing will aim the teenager market as it will only cost 99USD..

so what's the specifications of my concept phone:

>>> 3.2' touch display
>>> 320 x 240 pixels
>>> 16-bit colour display
>>> customizable fonts

>>> 2.0MP Camera w/ dual-flash
>>> Media Player
>>> Built-in 28MB flash memory
>>> Expandable up to 16GB w/ MicroSD™
>>> Java™ 2 Mobile Edition Capable

>>> BlueTooth™
>>> USB via QuickPort™
>>> GPRS

>>> Standby time: 72 hrs.
>>> Music time: 24 hrs.
>>> Talk time : 16 hrs.

>>> CPU: 208 MHz
>>> RAM: 64 MB
>>> OS: Propertiary OS

what do you guys think?! sorry for not having images of this..

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Posted by rochel_o8
. .it is pretty goOd. .wehehehe. .

How much is this toph? I'll buy one.

Posted by Angello
4" touchscreen with 166mhz??

Posted by mallaccra
the specs are pretty good minus the cpu speed

Posted by Tsepz_GP
320x240 res, 4inch display? You'll be able to see every single pixel,it wont look good. Why not rather a 2.8inch 320x240 res screen, with a low cost 600mhz Freescale CPU, and 128mb RAM.
166mhz CPU with 32mb RAM will not be enough for a Symbian S60v5 OS9 touchscreen phone,it will be seriously sluggish.

Posted by suresh86
And VGA camera with dual flash?

Posted by boy.in.PINK
@GUCCI.011 i agree with the 2.8" screen w/ 320x240 res..

re Symbian: is SE fully supporting the s60 UI, just because their UIQ was killed by the latter?! if that's the case, maybe we must upgrade the hardware..

@suresh86 oh sorry, my bad! i think a vga camera w/ dual flash is rude.. anyways, it is still my prototype on my mind.. maybe a 2MP will do..

@AbsOLutE_zErO i'm targeting the lower than 5000php or 100usd limit.. ^_^

my idea is to have a low-end touch-screen SE phone for the emerging markets such as the Philippines..

Posted by boy.in.PINK
updated! what do you guys think?!

Posted by mallaccra
usd100 limit with all the updated specs....count me in

Posted by boy.in.PINK
updated.. since it was set for the 100usd limit, i'd dropped the os thing (it will only use the firmware of the low and middle end SE phones), the Walkman™ thing, and lowered the CPU and the RAM..

what do you guys think?! ^_^

Posted by se4evr
nice concept toph for just that price limit.

Posted by fairen
great job. Specs are okay and fits the price. I think this phone will sell like hotcakes

Posted by mrao
Samsung champ pricing...add smartphone (symbian, android), a 2 mp cam (with a non-cam variant for teenagers who work in the contact centre business...its big in pinoyland..and will only get bigger..trust me)and you'll have sold enough in week 1 to make up all your production and licensing costs...non-cam variant being the key

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