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Posted by laffen
One of our more unknown services here at Esato deserved a necessary face-lift. The Phone Finder tool makes it easy to find the proper phone model for your needs
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We have offered this tool since 2001. Back then, the most advanced phones was equippped with Infrared, Colour display, and MMS. These are of course simple features all phones have today and it is time to update the tool to reflect this. GPS, Touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and HSDPA are new search filters. It is also possible no narrow down on phone manufacture. More filters will be added later on when we continue to update the phone database.

Phone Finder entry page

Esato phone finder search field

Phone Finder result page

Esato phone finder result page


The Phone Finder tool is located here http://www.esato.com/phones/findphone.php

Posted by goldenface
Brilliant! Thanks laffen.

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