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plz hELp me w/ my opera v2.06 [error 302]

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Posted by rochel_o8
Is there anyb0dy wh0 can help me w/ my problem w/ opera mini v2.06? Everytime i try 2 browse it results in "error 302" wat does it mean? How do i config my setings to browse free? I use smart sim,the unit of my ph0ne is n3500c.

These are my settings.

Adres 2 c0nnect:

operamini server: playground.mail-bit.com@t1proxy.com:80

plz let me kn0w wat's wr0ng w/ my setings,playgr0und.mail-bit is free to browse..and my proxy "t1proxy.com"is w0rking..if u have any w0rking o.m server plz let me kn0w or p0st it on mail. rhianne_mish@yahoo.com

plz help me.your help wil be highly appreciated..im fr0m phillipines.thankz in advanz.

Posted by Cyborg_a0
I think @trick is blocked in smart use cgi for the trick, u can ask @nhyro for that.

Posted by rochel_o8
. 'yah i knOw there are 3 cgi proxies w0rking as of now,i try to use them but the result is "page n0t found" is cgi proxies w0rking in my s40 cp?

Posted by ChrizChild
try my tricks, Girl I have 4 parts of tricks using 2.06 in Asia Pacific, just used the Search Engine, the name of threads are Network Solution 4 Smart User, part 1 & 2 are for the Smart user..

Posted by Petero
Goto hackzone . Onmbl. Com and get dat done. Am presently using 2.06

Posted by litemint
Had you tried zero and venus cgi's ate abs?

here's how

Posted by exaflare23

why are you here? there ain't much filipino here that can help you about your problem go to asia pacific

correct me if im wrong

is there someone that you don't want to see or you don't want him to see you either?

Hahaha! peace!

Posted by Cyborg_a0
ahihi i remember this thread, well absolute is still a newbie when she did this thread.

Check the date guys it's september, now is december.

Posted by exaflare23
ahaha! i see

I thought it was something

Posted by Cyborg_a0
i just remember after this thread she created the controversial thread where nhyro krampz pnp virusjun have some arguing.

Posted by r3dzy
Hey,guys...why are you here?

Posted by Cyborg_a0
hmmm? Your here too

Posted by r3dzy
To share knowledge hehehe

Posted by Nhyrohale23
to share something and learn tip and tricks hihi

Posted by r3dzy

On 2009-12-21 06:46:32, Nhyrohale23 wrote:
to share something and learn tip and tricks hihi

Yeah you are right hehehe

Posted by rochel_o8
What r u doin here?

shockz! My nose is bleedin!

@cyborg, yup im still a newbie when i created this thread, and i can still remember my LQ thread.

Posted by Excalibur69
Hey guys! Why are you all here? What kind of gathering is this, Pinoy invasion?
Note the time difference, the author is a novice then, but now she's a master-tricker.

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