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1 GB M2 Card Problem

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Posted by melomanjama
Hi. I have a strange situation here. Here goes:

I have a Sony Ericsson T700 that came with a 512MB M2 card. Recently I bought a 1GB M2 Card. When I put it on the phone it said it has "no files". I tried to format it but it says "format failed".

Then I tried to format it via cable "transfer mode" on windows; but windows could not finish format. After that I used my card reader and finally formatted it (on FAT). The card works perfectly on the card reader but when I put it on phone it says that the card has no files and does not accept formatting it.

I copied all the information from my 512MB card to the 1GB card. but even after that the phone still says the card has no files. Put back in the card reader the card works fine. I don't understand what is the problem. My phone works perfectly with the 512MB Card (no problems at all).


Posted by mrmilo69
Where did you buy the 1gb card from?

Posted by melomanjama
I bought it at store here. a retailer and it is a sony m2 card

Posted by StevenC
Format it using on the computer first and then put it back in your phone to format it.

Posted by mix93
Try to replace this card with another one, same 1GB, and see if that works. Maybe problem is in card, not in phone.

Posted by *Jojo*
@melon - If you purchased your M2 card quite CHEAP, probability are HIGh that you've got a FAKE one If it is still covered by warranty then have it replaced dude - pronto !!! Good Luck !

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