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Fake Nokia cell phones in the Philippines

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Posted by Liontiger
Mga balak bumili ng cell phones jan mag-ingat baka akala nyo lang orig.

Read this article

o yea na i kno.

[ This Message was edited by: Liontiger on 2009-06-06 04:40 ]

Posted by wawangkoboy
ah hnd naman cguro lahat ng made in china n cp ay fake e cguro ung mga clone n cp ung mga fake..hehe

Posted by Liontiger
Ganun? Datz gud.

Posted by looking4free
Well,basically immitati0ns yang mga china, mga cla disadvantage.

Posted by eds0n
Ung mga f0ns n made in china,means dat dun lng inasemble ung f0n..di gling dun ung mga parts,kc m0st 0f n0kia,en s0ny erics0n pti s0ny en iba pang c0mpany R asembled in china,bt agen ung parts di gling 0r gwang china.!my mga asembly fact0ry un mga c0mpany s china 2 help da ec0n0my 0f china daw!jeje,mga cl0ne f0n lng me0n ang china,en mga sub standard n replacement part..

Posted by Liontiger
@edson gnun b kua, ngaun q lang nalaman, salamat sa info.

Posted by looking4free
Nokia Unveils Phones For China

Nokia has just unveiled a bag full of goodies mmm I mean mobile phones for its loyal Chinese users. The three phones are targeted at first times users and thus are extremely pocket and user friendly. A smart move by Nokia, I must say. These 3 phones include The Nokia 1112, Nokia 2310 and Nokia 2610. Despite their low prices, all these phones have a cool design, a decent set of features and a rubberized paint to combat dust and improve grip.

The first in line is the Nokia 2610 which includes a set of features for business minded people. Some of them being e-mail support, WAP, MMS, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging and a color display with a mirrored finish. It weighs just 91 grams and has a talk time of up to 3 hours and a standby time of up to 12 days. The estimated retail price is about 75 euros.

Then there is the fashion based Nokia 2310 phone which comes in vivid colors and sports a trendy design. A dedicated short-cut key activates the built-in FM radio which features "sound visualization" -graphics that move in sync with the music and includes polyphonic and mp3 ringbones. The Nokia 2310 also features the Nokia Prepaid Tracker and has a talk time of up to 6 hours and a standby time of up to 16 days. The estimated retail price would be around 65 euros.

Last but definitely not the least is the Nokia 1112 an extremely user friendly phone which has graphical icons and large font sizes to make things easier for the user. Weighing 80 grams, the Nokia 1112 has a talk time of up to over 5 hours and a standby time of up to 15 days and has features like Speaking Clock and Alarm, high contrast white backlit display and polyphonic ring tones with MP3-grade sounds. The e Nokia 1112 is available in a range of colors and is expected to retail 45 euros.

"For an increasing number of people in new growth markets like China, the mobile phone has quickly become an integral part of life - and the number of new mobile phone owners keeps growing," said Soren Petersen, Senior Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "In 2008, Nokia expects that 3 billion people will be owning a mobile phone, with much of this growth coming from markets like China, India, South-East Asia and Africa, where penetration levels are still relatively low."

"One of the most important keys to success in these markets is to offer attractive, reliable and easy-to-use mobile phones that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of consumers in new growth markets," adds Petersen. "Each of the three models introduced today adheres to this core philosophy - offering iconic designs, a well-balanced range of features and even special finishes like rubberized paint to combat dust and improve grip."

Posted by Liontiger
@looking anu ung mensahe nun?

Posted by o2pac
napagod ako dun ah..

Posted by wawangkoboy

@looking ala ba buod yan haba eh..haha

[ This Message was edited by: wawangkoboy on 2009-06-05 13:29 ]

Posted by goarthur77
Zzzzzzzzz...ngork...huh...tapos na ba?

Posted by lelouchvilam
chinaphone? eto ung mga dual sim at iba nito di capable sa gprs
ung china made naman, eh walang prob po basta orig. nung una finland at china at gumawa pero it dosent min naman kung chinamade ay fake, wala lang trip ko lang makisawsaw dito. hahahaha ikot ikot

Posted by Liontiger
Sana may made in Philippines na rin hehe.

Posted by Rickikoska
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Posted by goarthur77
Wow. Hi hi

Posted by litemint
Hinalungkat pa itong thread, an tagal na

Posted by tesndro353
Aww, good thing I saw this post. I was about to buy a nokia cellphone. Good thing I came across at this site )

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