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Tips and tricks phone and pc

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Posted by silvermix
Let us share our knowledge! Post tricks or tips.. anything g0es, (computer, internet, wap, email, games) everythng under d sun..

simple cheat I Know..
In d game pinball in windows xp, before u start the game type "hidden test" and you can control the ball using your mouse!

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Posted by silvermix
Guys! Dnt be shy hehe..

Posted by fdigital
i got some hiding smileys under sony ericsson firmware. type! [:]- for robot ,
:-*- for wide kiss, :-]- for wide laugh. . . . try it

Posted by silvermix
W0w! I will try dat bro.. ehehe.. In any unit of Se?

Posted by Neo-Tech
Most likely is.

Posted by dennevhyn_31
Anyone here who knows all the secret codes for SE phones like the Secret Service Menu?

Posted by 6erotico9
where can i type the "hidden test"?

Posted by pLu
@den, what is the secret service menu? do you mean this? >*<<*<*
Btw, after doing that, go to service info>model info then press 2468, hehe, credits goes to boysie99,

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@pLu: Yah I know that. Sony Ericsson ROCKS! I already tried that before. I saw that on boysie99's thread.

Posted by aquared29
In what menu can i execute that trick what u called secret menu?

Posted by wilurch
What does those symbols really mean? ....<***>**...I mean I don't know what it means...explain. pLs

Posted by pLu
@wil, > is right, < is left, * is the one on the bottom left of ur phone..

Posted by pLu
@aquared, u can go to the secret menu by clicking these keys on standby, >*<<*<*

Posted by jayminmedina
make sure also that the right key shorcut is set to its default, which is calendar. some apps like the internet if set to right key shortcut, won't execute the succeding keys properly.. hth..

Posted by rhye
it's nice... i already access the secret service, it includes all the c0nfiguration settings of y0ur SE ph0ne.

Posted by simomed
Thes same code for GTA Sane Andreas. : RIPAZHA-CPKTNWT-. And commandos 2 code is : Gonjwanzon.

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Posted by aloukay
Does any one the secret menu code for samsung sgh-L760 vodafone

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Posted by virusjun2
Try this code for samsung SGH e-250.

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
How about for nokia units? Do you know any secret code?

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