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Complete Noob G900 pleb questions

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Posted by Donnydl
Sorry if these are all somewhere else but I have spent considerable time looking through the whole of the G900 thread and checking out various bits with the search so apologies if duplicated. And apolgies as they do seem quite stupid questions but I just can't find the answers.

1. When I try and install the media centre on my computer is says I need QP7 which it then install and then says media centre installation failed becuase not all supporting programs present. I have checked QP7 is definatley on my machine. I have uninstalled reinstalled rebooted everything but no joy any ideas. I am XP SP2.

2. The unit I have is second user. I think it has a screen protector on but never having seen another I don;t want to remove it in case it is part of the screen. There isn't anything else that would peel of the front of the screen is there.

3. I think my phone is not UK or GW1 that everyone keeps talking about. I have tried SEUS to check if it is the lastest verison of firmware but when following teh instructions whilst holding the C I only get a white blank screen and no further options on the desktop mnue. On the language selection do I need to pick the one that would be relevant to my phone as I have just been picking Uk english.

My system info is as follows (I also have little mark on keys 1-6 which I suspect are some kind of asian and also the option of messaging etc in these languages)

Phone:1203-6566 R9L004
Bluetooth: 1200-5567 R1D
Organiser: 1205-0647 R6H815
CDA 1207-8384 R8A

Also if I manage the update will this put back to standard as although I have doen a factory reset I only have one theme on the phone and having had SE phones for some years I thought there would be more and I am now wondering what else it is missing.

In addition if (as) my phone is foreign will this cause me any problems, would it be advisable to change to GW1 if so how.

4. Anyone got a Expenses program that syncs with Microsoft money.

Think thats probably enough stupid questions for now but I am sure I will come up with some more at some point!

Thanks in advance

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