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Posted by thomas93
Seeing as alot of "Trusted Members" have gone sour recently I think we need a resoloution.

What do you think can be done to make Transactions safer?

Just a though, if Masseur set up a Bank account and all money must stay in there til a phone is recieved?

Although that would be a lot on Masseur :-/

Posted by goldenface
We did have a thread like this before that I started but I think its putting the secure trading mechanism in place.

I'll try and find it.

Edit: Esato Treasurers.

It was about using a trusted third party help the transaction go smoothly.

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Posted by thomas93
Had a thought guys,

How about a Zero Tolorence rule.

Scammed - Ban for life
Refunded after long winded sort of thing - Sales gorum Ban

Police will be contacted on all incidents?

Yay or Nay

Posted by PeterKay
Not all trusted members have gone sour, its just one or two!

GF's idea was a great one but not many have actioned the idea,

however, the idea was implemented in a raffle we had yesterday, which so far has worked out well.

The scammers should be punished i feel.

Posted by thomas93
PK - The problem is the extra cost involved with GF's idea

Posted by PeterKay
There is, but its safe

or take a risk!!!

Posted by weirdwilli
I like GF's idea, but Scottt has gone 'sour' too apparently: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=171700

Posted by Rookwise
I agree that something does need to be done but its got to be something thats easily managed without taking up too much of the persons time (we do have lives outside of Esato).
It seems that roughly every 12 months or so we get things like this happen. I've had 3 happen to me so far this year and all from well known Esato members which I thought could be trusted.
Personally. If I've agreed to send by a certain day/within a specified time frame. I do so and if I don't make it in time I'm straight on my phone and messaging the person via Esato's pm system to let them know and confirming a second postal day/date at the same time.
This is something I've not experienced from another Esato member (bar 1 person). Usually I've had to do the chasing up.

Posted by fatreg
Trust can takes years to gain but can be broken in minutes, I think sadly, I proved this, and while I've been trying to be uber quick to post recently etc eventually you trust who you want to trust, if that means that only a few active members sell things then so be it, PK isn't your mother so shouldn't have to look after you, I still think the lower ranked person should post/pay first but then again there are certain members disagree with me, I myself know that I can't always deliver what I promise, but as someone said communication goes a long long way....

I still think that personal data should be given among people selling things, name, address, phone number etc etc..

I myself keep all details I am ever given, so have lists of addresses, phone numbers, bank details, emails etc etc... it's come in handy before

Posted by Gazza_1989

I myself keep all details I am ever given, so have lists of addresses, phone numbers, bank details, emails etc etc... it's come in handy before

Surely keeping all this information can be insecure in it self? If this information were to be stolen for any reason this could cause alot of problems, no?

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