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Americans Spend More Than 4.5 Hours Per Month Browsing on Smartphones

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Posted by tranced
Social networking and Internet commerce are compelling smartphone users to spend an average of four hours and thirty-eight minutes per month browsing the mobile Web in the United States and two and a half hours per month in Britain, reports M:Metrics.

According to March data from the measurement firm's metered smartphone panel, active mobile Web users in the United States spent an average of one hour and thirty-nine minutes in the month browsing Craigslist on their smartphone, the longest duration of any site among the top twenty domains visited. In the United Kingdom, Facebook commanded the most time spent browsing in the month, with visitors dedicating an average of one hour and forty-five minutes using the site, which is also drawing in users in America. There, Facebook ranks fourth in terms of time spent browsing, after eBay and MySpace, with Disney's Go.com rounding out the top five. In the UK, the remaining top sites by browsing time are the mobile operator 3's portal, Sky TV, Microsoft's Live and BBC.


Posted by fbloise
I spend more than that daily

Posted by occupied
4.5h/30 days = 5 minutes a day. this answers why american mobile apps industry sucks a lot.
EDITED: oh its 9 minutes per day. what would a user do in 9 minutes on your mobile site?

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