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Walkman 3.0 for P1i

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Posted by Sebby
Just when we were all getting excited about Walkman 2.0, it seems that Walkman 3.0 is now available for P1i!


Posted by tranced
we're talking about that here:


Posted by AD
I think it's probably useful to have a specific thread for this though, as there's already one for Wlk2.0. Issues specific to this mod may well be lost in the general discussion, also gives people somewhere definate to look for info.

Anyway, back OnT.
I find this works very well on the P1, but do remember to remove all the W2.0 files before intsalling, and reboot the phone after installing to be able to see the 'visualisations' properly. The keymap in the mod file is particularly useful too!

Posted by 701
I wanna ask something: is the playing itself any better in any way, like better and louder sound?

Posted by corrado85
what would be nice in these is someone write a nice how-to install for these walkman players.

Posted by mobman
wow - i'm lovin walkman 3! one thing that is annoying however is how much of a difference the visualisations have on how long it takes to change tracks - think i'll be switching them off unless i'm showing it off...

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Posted by 5nak3
@ corrado

There are some guide floating around, and i think they are listed in a number of threads. But I agree it would be nice to have a sticky on the forum to make it easier.
At the moment it is just about finding one which i think i can follow because the ones i've seen so far are not written in very good English and i dont want to make a mistake with the hacking of the phone which may brick it.

Oh and as 701 has asked, does it actually offer anything except visual flare?

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Posted by s32bauer
The installation is pretty straight forward, but if anyone needs any help, PM me and I will try and help if I can.

I agree, it may not offer an awful lot more, but it does have better functions when it comes to the music player....and I find it amusing that I paid almost half the price for my P1i compared to my friends W960, and now he has very little more to boast about on his phone.

Posted by Nipsen
..yeah. It's a nice app. The moods.. *shrug*. But it's neat for browsing media, and arranging the playlists. You can actually use just fingers, as well - larger pointer- areas, things of that sort. Seems smoother overall, really. Works with the keyboard- controls, or with any remote thing. And play/pause through the hang up/pick up button on the headset, too, I think. It doesn't have the "music player" bar over the today- screen, though. (I'm guessing that's one of the things launched from the today- screen plugin, so no worries about any conflicts or missing references, at least.)

Posted by Mclarenf1
confirmed works on P1i amzingly... but i have a question : when minmizing the walkman player on the W960i the Visualisation plays in the background/standby screen but on the P1i there is no action.... can we make it done or maybe i have syh wrong with my WM 3 on the P1i.


Posted by gr44
works great on my p1...looks cool enough to have walkman in my p1..heee.

Posted by Nipsen

On 2008-04-26 17:42:54, Mclarenf1 wrote:
confirmed works on P1i amzingly... but i have a question : when minmizing the walkman player on the W960i the Visualisation plays in the background/standby screen but on the P1i there is no action.... can we make it done or maybe i have syh wrong with my WM 3 on the P1i.

...If someone figured out the UID for the import of standby- screen addons, and somehow managed to get that component fully onto the list of standby- screens - then sure (also would be nice if someone figured out a generic way to do that one..).

Same with the "walkman standby" line on the today- screen. I'm pretty sure that's a component- reference on the today- screen. It might(*shrug*) be possible to do some sort of hack or overwrite of some sort? (Heck if I know where to start, though. Maybe it's even written into the "music player slot" specifically on the phone, and has little to do with the walkman player.)

Posted by 5nak3
ok gonna have a go at this, one thing which i just need to finalize. After unlocking the private files i copy over the C folder from the walkman v3 download pack to my memory card.

Then i open xplore and do i just select the C folder's subfolder e.g. private, system, resource and shared and then dump them onto the phones memory? Doesn't this overwrite the default files on the phone?!?

Or do i have to open each folder e.g. private, then copy look through each folder e.g.
private -> 10003a3f -> import -> apps -> walkmanplayer_reg.rsc then only move the walkman player file?!?

Posted by kewl_usaid
Just installed w3 today and its working flawlessly, if we can change acoustics file of p1i to those of w960i, then without a doubt, p1i...rocks!!!

Posted by AD
It will only overwrite any files of the same name in the relavant folders, just like on a pc, and as the walkman player is not already on your phone - nothing is overwritten.

Afterward you will find the player in your tools folder, as you do with any app you install. Restart the phone to get the graphics to display correctly though, Good luck, though you shouldn't need it

To answer your question - just select the folders & copy them to c:, no need to labouriosly copy file by file As Nipsen says: "it's as easy as cake" [sic]

YAY for me!!! Post no. 500!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Nipsen

On 2008-04-26 19:07:34, 5nak3 wrote:
ok gonna have a go at this, one thing which i just need to finalize. After unlocking the private files i copy over the C folder from the walkman v3 download pack to my memory card.

..Try opening the archive (the zip) in x-plore, and select the directories you were going to copy instead (the sys, etc.). And then select c: (on the root) as target. That'll extract the files to the right directories, easy and quickly.

And you're not supposed to overwrite anything. Just to drop the files in the right directories, and create a few new ones. (And of it should be possible to remove afterwards, file by file, and nothing should break from that. Basically, it's just a new app that shows up in the "tools" folder).
(edit: just to be completely on the safe side here - the files you add, if you copy the sys- folder, will be contained inside that target- folder on c:. Don't start removing the sys- folder afterwards - just the files you just installed inside that folder, if you want to uninstall it in the future. And, if you use the internal file- browser, it will complain if you copy something to somewhere else that has the same directory- name. And you will replace files in that folder if they have the same names, when you click "yes". But in this case, no files should be overwritten.)

..but it's not impossible to brick the phone by messing around like this, so be careful. Mostly you'd just be corrupting an install by deleting things at random. But some of the resources have to exist, be in the right formats and sizes to get the phone to complete the boot (i.e., the walkman screens - that are not installed with the w3 pack, btw - could actually brick the phone if they're not the way they should be).. so do one thing at a time, and so on.

The p1 Whiki - report your bugs, and add feature requests here.

"Brothers and Sisters, believe! Believe in the salvation of Demand Paging, 'eah!"

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Posted by 5nak3
@AD, Nipsen

Thanks for the replies, i actually went ahead with the mod before you posted, i thought to myself that i've messed around with file systems / hacks on other products before so i figured i give it a go and whatever happens.

In any case all went well I now have the walkman 3 player on my phone. Actually i tested out the movement of files by duplicating a word document within the media files, and tried to overwrite it, xplore was very nice and prompted if i wanted to continue.

I figured this is how it works so i moved the private folder once i saw nothing was being prompted the rest of the files followed. Rebooting my phone was a bit heart in mouth, but i saw the loading bar and i was happy

A couple of questions:

The current theme for the walkman is nice, but can we create upload our own to the WM3? I know WM2 allowed this, but what about WM3

Also, i figured out that there must be a key mapping file for the walkman, are we allowed to change and edit the file to our liking?

Just thought of another question, i used the apptrk.sis method rather than capsswitch which is also available. I assume after the reboot i don't need to worry about my private files being on veiw eh? Because as i understand it apptrk is switched off after reboot.

Oh and for anyone who may read this:

Currently running walkman 3 on an O2 UK branded device with the following firmware:

Phone: R9j005
Organiser: R6F41

And no slowdown to annoy me actually. Seems alright.

Thank you all for your paitence with me, congrats on the 500 AD

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Posted by Nipsen

On 2008-04-26 19:47:59, AD wrote:

YAY for me!!! Post no. 500!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by 5nak3
hey all, i was wondering if anyone knows how to load up artwork into the player. None of my files are showing the artwork, well actaully a couple of them are but i have no idea how that happened.

One was an iTunes files which was bluetoothed to the phone, the other is a CD rip of mine. But no other file is showing the artwork, despite the artwork loading up in windows media player, itunes, and mp3tagger.

Posted by illithid
Unlike the standard media player on P1i, W960's Walkman player reads album art data from MP3 IDTag, so you must enbed your MP3 with album art graphic.

Posted by mobilemodman
youve gotta make the mp3 files into individual folders, like artist > album > mp3, example: 50 cent folder > curtis album folder > i get money.mp3 and put the artwork (jpeg less than 20kb i think, with less than 500x500 dimensions) into the same folder as the mp3's (the album folder), u have to update music after that, or restart walkman player for the album art to load up. the album art which you see now usually is a hidden file that gets downloaded with the mp3, thats why u cant see it in the folders. hope tat helps

Posted by 5nak3
ok i think i got it. Will have to update later to be sure, but i have some tracks which were not loading their album art now loading them.

I used Mobilemodman's method. But i do not think the 20kb picutre size matters. My "Bullet For My Valentine" album art is 23kb. I will try with another album art which is 34kb and will update later.

Thank you, hopefully all will be fine


Ok well i have tried .png images for the art and they work fine as well, and I also have tried a file that is 66kb and that worked too. So i think as long as you keep it below 500x500 px you'll be fine. Many thanks!

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Posted by sathyabhat
Ok. I'm facing "Application cannot be started" problem, while trying to launch Walkman v3 from the menu. Did all step by step. Removed all the files that were copied while doing the install of Walkman 3.0, *manually* and copied them again, still no change. No, Media player is NOT running while trying to launch Walkman v3. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? My Firmware is R9H004 Anyone's got Wv3 running on this firmware? Do I need Walkman v2 to get Wv3 running?
Thanks & Regards,


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Posted by 5nak3
As far as i know the walkman 2 files are not neeed, maybe the firmware does not support the app? I'm not sure just guessing. I cant be of much more help because I dont know much about the UIQ file systems but another member will no doubt be of more help.

Silly question but did you restart your phone?

Posted by arvinlad

On 2008-04-29 21:27:33, sathyabhat wrote:
Ok. I'm facing "Application cannot be started" problem, while trying to launch Walkman v3 from the menu. Did all step by step. Removed all the files that were copied while doing the install of Walkman 3.0, *manually* and copied them again, still no change. No, Media player is NOT running while trying to launch Walkman v3. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? My Firmware is R9H004 Anyone's got Wv3 running on this firmware? Do I need Walkman v2 to get Wv3 running?
Thanks & Regards,


[ This Message was edited by: sathyabhat on 2008-04-29 20:33 ]

You do have a P1i? - this will only install on a P1i.

No you don't want the Walkman 2 files! - if you have installe walkman 2.0 you would need to remove those files.

have you tried downloading the application fresh from the site? - you should not need to remove the walkman 3 files before copying them over again!

Posted by arvinlad
On this page... http://www.ipmart-forum.com/showthread.php?t=247982&page=4 Moherowy has added a command to allow alkman player to be activated by the 'Shortcut' button - works great on my P1iW

www.ladsoc.co.uk , www.answersingenesis.org , www.expelledthemovie.com/home.php

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Posted by jmbillings
I've just done this mod myself, and it works a treat. I do have the problem of album art not working right - is there any software people know of that will update my MP3 files with the right grahpics? I use Windows Media to rip stuff to MP3, not iTunes... but I'd ideally want something I can jsut fire off against my existing library to update them properly...


Posted by 5nak3
hmm, i dont even think iTunes does album art correctly, and media player requires you to find the album online to get the album art...

The steps on how to add album art are posted a few posts above (I had the same problem), i use Mp3tag but if the songs are already ripped it requires you to add all the art by yourself.

If you have CD's you are ripping, what you do is rip the CD's open up Mp3tag point it to the directory where you ripped the songs, and again i think you need to find the album art (although it has some search engines built in i gave up trying to use them, and didn't bother with the how to) once you have the album art copied to your clip board, highlight all the songs that share the same art paste the art into the album art box and press crtl+s.

Long winded, but this is the best i found. I hate iTunes cant use the prog, it makes no sense to me, media player is good but you have to find the songs via their catalogue which is a slow process and sometimes does not give the best results.

I settled for mp3tag and amazon.com. Amazon gives me the album art, and i just copy and paste it into mp3tag.

If you find something more efficient let me know

Posted by arvinlad
I used to use Musicmatch Jukebox. - Even Paid for it I liked that much - that was pretty good at doing album art & Tags & stuff - but Yahoo have bought it and trashed it now - they just want you to use their iTunes equivalent garbage

Posted by jmbillings
I've been playing with MP3Tag and it seems to work ok. I've done an album at a time, but apparently it should do all in one go (must read some instructions!)

But worth a punt...

Posted by 5nak3
ok say if you have a CD by band x and you rip 5 songs what you do is oen Mp3tag, point it to the directory where the 5 songs are stored e.g. my documnts/my music/band x.

Find the album art you want via any site or pic on ur PC and right click select copy to clipboard or words to that effect

In mp3tag since you have the correct directory it will have loaded up the songs in that folder in your case 5 of them. All you do is highlight all of the songs, hold down ctrl and click each song once.

Once they are selected right click the box with the CD icon to the left of the window and select Paste cover, after doing this press ctrl+s right away before clicking anything else.

And a popup should come up saying writing tag 1 of 5, 2 of 5 and so on. Once this is done press ok. And you can close the program. Send those songs to your phone, and there you have it.

Posted by gbu
I was wondering just what is Walkman 3.0, whats the benefits of having it compared to the standard player thats installed on the phone.

Should i get it, do i need it etc?

Posted by 5nak3
probably not, since most changes are cosmetic rather than functional. It is a nicer player, it sorts out the music by artists, albums etc... but also has a couple of cool features time machine (plays songs from a given time period), moods (after setting the mood of the songs you can choose to play those songs only), has auto playlists (most played tracks, fav tracks, lowest rated tracks etc...)

All in all it has some nice touches, it is a fairly simple mod, truth be told you can damage your phone and i wans't ver comfortable doing it because i didn't want to end up with a bricked phone. It is nicer than the default player, does it bring anything new to the table? A few things, is it worth it if you are happy with the default player...not really, unless you want fancy things.

Want to show off to your mates? Then get it without a doubt lol.

Hope that helps.

Posted by Peio
It may be a dumb question, but how do you add a "compilation" in that player? I have a lot of OST music from movies or games, with 1 artist per song, and I'd like to use that cool feature (with "hide artists associated with compilations in Artists view")

Posted by 5nak3
As far as i know and the only way it worked for me was to put all the artists in the same album directory e.g.

I got songs by queen, meat loaf, razorlight, black sabbath and they all come from one album so my directory structure is

Artist: Top Gear -> Album: Top Gear Anthems -> Queen, meat loaf, razorlight, black sabbath songs here.

In Mp3tag (the tagging utility i used) i have different artists and title names, but the album is all Top gear anthems and the album art is all Top Gear Anthems album art.

Hope that helps.

Posted by ScottXe
It sounds the Player 3 is a good one but actually what are the goodies over the built-in one on P1i?

Posted by AD
it seems @5nak3 answered this quite eloquently a couple of posts above yours

Posted by gbu
Cheers for the info 5nake, it sounds cool so maybe i'll give it a go, just one thing though if it bollix the phone up can a master reset/format get it back to normal again?
Only had it a few months and dont want to invalidate the warranty etc

Posted by 5nak3

As far as i am aware if you do mess up the phone you can reverse it, I've heard of a person messing up their m600 and bringing it back to life. However, I do not know how they did this, and I do not want to advise you to do something on the basis of "i heard someone did this"

Is there a risk? As with all electronics when you mess with hidden files there is a risk, if you follow the instructions step by step you should be fine, but there is no 100% proof method.

Unlike a PC the phone doesn't get a nice recovery CD with it, you've got SEUS to reflash the phone, but it doesn't always work and it actually killed my phone when i tried using it.

There is XS++ (3rd party software) which has helped bring phones back to life, but i'm not sure on the details, maybe AD can fill them in if you ask nicely (and in the correct topic, in fact a search will probably throw up the answer)

Remember you are writing files in the folders the phone uses on booting up, and which are usually hidden, if something does go wrong there is a very good chance it will be a big mistake.

Like you i didn't want my phone to die, i took a stab at it, and it worked. But as i said i was very concerned when doing this mod because the phone is not cheap.

If you feel comfortable, go for it but be aware that there is a risk involved. If you are happy with the default player and do not want the risk do not bother.

Just make sure that you ensure that you have a newer firmware on the phone, i read about someone with an older firmware (dont know the number) and the mod wouldn't work until he updated his firmware. For reference my firmware is the R9J005 & R6F41 firmware and it worked for me.

Ultimately the choice is yours, and while there is a 90% chance it will work no problem, the 10% chance of something going wrong is for you to decide if you want to take the risk.

Posted by gbu
Many thanks for the straight forward advice 5nake, i think i'll leave it for now, i have another mp3 player that i use mainly anyway and music on my phone isnt the be all and end all for me so the normal player will do for now

Posted by 5nak3
no problem mate, but if you do decide later to undertake the mod, a post in the fourm for anything you are not sure about will no doubt get you an answer.


Posted by corrado85
any updates for m600i users..


Posted by O_mardini
thanks all
but i tried to install the walkman and complet all steps but when i start the app it say "application couldn't be started"
plz help

Posted by jeffrey89
hi is there any1 who can teach me how to install walkman version 3.0 on my p1i step by step?i will appreciate it...i wanted to have it on my p1i vry badly...pls...any1 help me

Posted by technokid17
how to install wm3 in a p1i?

Posted by Peio
I've just noticed a bug after installing that mod: now there are 2 radio icons in the status bar while listening to radio

Does it do the same on your P1i?

Posted by ares
yes...hardly a big problem though

Posted by sergiogr8
I have deleted this post.

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Posted by Paul_s
For those of you that have installed Walkman 3.0 could you tell us if the sound quality is better?

The default player on the P1i has a bit poor sound quality I think, and if the Walkman player sounds better I'd be very tempted to do this mod...

Posted by ares
i think so...if you combine this with swmails sound mod, its like night vs day

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