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From the forum:

Samsung F480 review-A P5 Competitor ?

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Posted by technical-expert
Just check out the review of samsung F480 it seems to have similar specification and nice slim design, so wht do u think could it be p5 competitor.

It seems to miss two things compared to P5 qwerty and the vga recording probably, Ui also looks quite brilliant.And the phone seems to be very slim at just 11.5mm thin.Would u guys go for this if the price is cheaper than P5

Heres wht Samsung F480 looks like

Samsung F480 review: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_f480-review-236.php

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Posted by PeterKay
How can u compare it to the P5?

Posted by hgautam
Exactly.... How can you compare it to P5??? There are just so different...

By the way what OS does this samsung runs on???

Posted by hgautam
Just took a look at the review... This phone is really really nice... If I didn't wanted a QWERTY or Wifi, I would have loved to get this one...

Also, it's camera pictures quality seems better than Sony Ericsson's phones, atleast in proper light... I hope the white balance will be corrected...

Samsung are doing great at present... First they impressed me with the Soul (I have used it and will get one for sure) and now this....

Posted by belialwafu
yeah, samsung fones are great but they are somehow overpriced. look the the i450 its like walkman in sony ericsson, but its sooo overpriced and has only 2mp cam and a plain simple look, cannot even compare it to w910i, the only good thing there is it has Bang and Olsen speakers. thats it, i confess i dont like samsung. but they have great phones

Posted by QVGA
For someone name "technical expert", that surely is one ridiculous comparison.

Posted by razec
@QVGA: ditto

Flame me if you want, but this is my candidate for the "Esato 2008 Ridiculous thread of the year"

P5(or simply lets say "Paris" being a Symbian phone deserves better competitor named "G810"


[ This Message was edited by: razec on 2008-04-07 03:10 ]

Posted by Keiki
The UI is verx appealing with gadget dock in left side.
I wonder is it croix or flash ui?

Posted by technical-expert

On 2008-04-07 04:09:21, razec wrote:
@QVGA: ditto

Flame me if you want, but this is my candidate for the "Esato 2008 Ridiculous thread of the year"

P5(or simply lets say "Paris" being a Symbian phone deserves better competitor named "G810"


[ This Message was edited by: razec on 2008-04-07 03:10 ]

People should understand the Purpose of the thread
1) First is a Samsung F480 Review
2) Second is there is no where i said its a P5 competitor(and as title says
Samsung F480 Review:a p5 competitor? could it be)
3) And the third question i was asking members if would u go for Samsung if Price point is cheaper than of P5(considering Wlan,3G n HSDPA and other few options are not useful for all due to its unavailability in most places)

When there are threads in esato n web comparing iphone and N95,which are again so very different from each other.I cant understand wht u people r talking abt.Its the same case.

The samsung has brilliant and easy to use interface comared to Uiq,And easy to use.

As always my Journey is esato has always been to enlighten thoughts of members of esato and to engage them into discussion and not to flame anyone, And i also like to people to think about various technologies and features of the phone,And there by introducing and indulging them to various brands for a uniqu experience

So as technical expert my moto is not just discuss about SE,but to engage estato user into various technologies and options in the mobile phone industry.

And i also request some user not to ruin this thread, as it was made for people to think.Anyone who has problem can PM me for negotiation for the welfare of esato


[ This Message was edited by: technical-expert on 2008-04-07 04:32 ]

Posted by QVGA
Show me some official specs of P5. For all we know it'll come with the same old hardware SE keeps on recycling.

Posted by korbindallis
Patients boys, i read the samsung review but i like wi-fi and qwerty so samsung's out i much rather have P1i right now. And what for i few months after Paris is announced and all the hype has died out and if bugs are found that too should be ironed out with SEUS

Posted by shyam335
So this is samsungs version of viewty,nice but it seems its not as capable as ku990.

Posted by Trev1982
So they make a really nice looking phone, huge screen, great camera, nice internal memory, good size screen,

then they ruin it by not adding wifi, no qwerty, dont no bout anyone else but its a must for me after being a huge p-series fan, the review says the flash is Inadequate, but its still just a phone, nothing else.

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