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Mobile TV Problem

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Posted by Qatari-Man-7
Hello there. This is the first time I write here.
I just joined here coz I bought SE K800i. It is really lovely mobile

I am facing one problem
when I want to start Mobile TV service, after I choose the channel
Then I click on "Watch" and something like that message appeared.

"Connection failure Check settings. If problem persists, please contact your operator for support"

Why do you think this problem? is it from my mobile? Do I have to update it? or it is from our operator?

Note that my current mobile version is


please help!

Posted by kimot01
make sure that you have a 3g signal and right configuration(call your operator and let them send you the settings).,

Posted by goldenface
Have you checked your wap and streaming settings?

Posted by Qatari-Man-7
Yes I did. we have here in Qatar (Q-Tel) mobile services called MOZAIC

I just SMS the number 2072 with the word "all"
then I received all GPRS settings which contain the following connections:

Mobile Internet
Qtel MMS
Qtel Streaming

I am in Doha which is covered all by 3G network
It was working well with my old mobile >> Nokia N70
I was able to watch Mobile TV, all streaming services.

By the way, Mobile Internet settings are exactly the same as Qtel Streaming (just the names are different). in Streaming settings, when I change the connection into "Mobile Internet" instead of "Qtel Streaming", Then when I click on watch, I see the message "Connecting...." and the mobile freezes!!!

is my mobile version is new? or old?

I am happy for your reply and I hope to get a solution for this problem to continue watching Sports channel when I am outside home !

Thanks again

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Posted by carkitter
Welcome to Esato!

Confirm with Q-Tel that you've been sent the 3G (384 kbps) settings because if they have only sent you GPRS (50 - 80 kbps) settings, the download speed will not be enough to view Mobile TV. This could account for the phone 'freezing'.

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Posted by *Jojo*
Everytime I am faced with problems similar to this I go to my local network-provider and let them configure my erring with the right settings. Problems normally are solved with 100% error FREE !

Posted by Qatari-Man-7
Hi guys,

the GPRS settings are the same for 3G but the different only is your location. if you are in Doha, you would see 3G sign in your phone and all 3g services works well... if you go outside doha, you will use only 2G services (This is normal) and I used to do this when I had my old mobile >> Nokia N70

Thanks all for help and I hope to find a solution for my mobile. You think that this problem from the operator?? if yes, I will contact them again and I will tell them that.

Posted by arvin9783
huh? does k800 support mobile tv like the N77?

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Posted by ahmed5
Hi guys,
I just got my 3g account activated. How do i watch tv on my w850? Do i go to a website or something? Thanx.

Posted by goldenface
This thread might be of interest to you.

Posted by ahmed5

Posted by ahmed5
I managed to watch BBC (provided by operator) yesterday. Can i watch any channel, even if not provided, if i can find the link?

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