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W950 Problems

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Posted by apollosfire
Right, i've had my W950 for a few months (since about Feb/Mar).. I noticed within the first day or so of getting it that it occasionally did the flickering screen thing while making calls. I tried to explain this to 3 support for about 20 minutes before giving up. I could handle it - I'm not usually looking at the phone during a call, after all.

However, in the last week or so, I've stopped receiving SMS.. If someone sends me a text, it doesn't come through at all. If I turn my phone off and then on again, I get all texts sent to me since I last did that. Entering Flight Mode and then going back to normal mode doesn't work. I phoned 3 support and explained it to them for about 40 minutes before they told me to figure out whether it was a problem with the phone or the network by putting my SIM card in another 3 phone. I did this, and I received texts fine in the other phone.

Another problem that I've been experiencing: occasionally when someone phones me, either when I press to answer or mid-call, it just suddenly restarts itself with no warning. When it comes back on, it says the standard "Your phone has been restarted to improve performance." message.

Also! Occasionally, when I answer the phone, there's no sound at all. If I hang up and phone back, it works fine!

Lastly, the plastic at the top of the phone (in front of the infrared port) bent up, by itself, and then cracked slightly. This has left it a little sharp and it often scratches your ear while you use the phone.

So, what are your suggestions? I would imagine:
1) Restore factory settings
2) Update firmware
3) Phoning 3 and shouting at them.

With regards to point 2, I'm running Vista so I can't. Point 1, I'll try, but first I need to backup my files, phonebook, and over 2200 text messages (Inbox and Sent total). Point 3 is looking more attactive every minute.

Sorry for rambling about all of this, and now more to the point: have any of you W950 owners experienced any of these problems? If so, what did you do to fix them?

Thanks in advance!


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Posted by alrodlop35
Points 1 and 3 are the least likely to help you. But I think you can have your firmware updated for free at an SE service center so you should definitely give that a try.

Posted by alex
Hi apollosfire,

Have you check your firmware version?

Basically regarding on sms failed to received, I managed to discover that not all operators can support Symbian's date\\time module. Even in Malaysia, sometime I received my sms a day late. This was confirmed by SE Service Center in Malaysia in this case.

For the W950 flickering and restart was basically the firmware problem where allocation of the free ram was insufficient. This was solved in the later phone firmware R9F011. Also, make it a habit to end task unused application in task manager often as this will help to free up your phone ram.

On the hardware part, basically the set you're having was not a good set. Maybe you should return it and request for a replacement or send it in to replace the related part if it is still under warranty.

Likewise I mentioned, you should update your firmware.

Hope my explaination helps.

Posted by apollosfire
PDA software version:
CXC162088 R1C01

Phone software version:
CXC162037 R9D001

Bluetooth software version:
CXC162058 R3A01

CDA version:
CDA162017/11 R1A18

Hopefully that'll help! Last time I tried to update (roughly a month ago) when I had access to an XP computer, it said that no updates were available which I found odd.

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