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Reject call with sms option on nokia's

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Posted by Mr Miyagi
HI People
How do i activate the "reject call with sms" option on my N73, do i have to have additional software on my handset to do this, because as far as i can see on my handset on the call setting option of my phone it says "reject call with sms" it is selected as YES, but it does not seem to work when i reject a call??

can anyone help??



Posted by QVGA
umm...i dont think it will actually tell you thats it has sent as SMS nor will it appear in the sent messages, i am not sure. did you call with the phone you have or did u randomly rejected a call?

Posted by Mr Miyagi
i have called the phone from another number and rejected it on my n73 but i got no sms to let me know on my other phone that the call got rejected??

Posted by BobaFett
maybe its depends on the operator as well

Posted by Mr Miyagi
maybe, i have tried googling the information, however when i google it is showing me 3rd part applications that i have to pay for, to get this facility to work,surely it can work by not having to install a 3rd part application??

Posted by BobaFett
seems no extra app is needed, just go to "call settings" and choose "help".

Posted by Mr Miyagi
i did that but does not work, does it work for anyone else??

Posted by Dogmann
@Mr Miyagi

Although i have never used it myself from reading the Help file it does say it automatically rejects the call and sends the text message. So from my understanding it works if you are on a voice call and some calls you that is when it sends the message i would also guess this only works if call waiting is disabled hope that helps you.


Nokia E61 2gb Sandisk, Fring, Tom Tom 6, AD-46 with Black Shure EC2g

[ This Message was edited by: Dogmann on 2007-05-27 23:35 ]

Posted by Mr Miyagi
hey thanks doggman i found out the answer, did another test and when it gives you an option to reject the call on the n73, it also gives you an option to send a text, if you press send a text, then it will take you to the texting part of your mobile where you can send a text to the number calling you, but if you do that, you have to hang up 1st, and then send the text, then it will send to the other user. Its an ok feature, but it would be better if it sends it automatically and that it dose not make u go to the texting part of your mobile to send it.

Posted by JK
Its standard on most S60 V3 phones. Its in the settings menu somewhere no additional SW needed.

Posted by *Jojo*
In relation with this, how can I reject incoming - SMS

Posted by Dogmann
Hi JoJo

No idea I'm afraid only way i could think of is one of those blacklist type apps should be able to do it but i don't think it is built in by Nokia you will have to buy it.


Nokia E61 2gb Sandisk, Fring, Tom Tom 6, AD-46 with Black Shure EC2g

[ This Message was edited by: Dogmann on 2007-05-29 05:30 ]

Posted by fullthrottle
Reject sms.. Well that.. Option is not available on any phone's.. What u can do is u can Keep yr inbox full so that.. Messages will shop.. Comin. N i dont think.. U can make yr inbox full on a s60 phone..

Posted by p900 lover
the way it workes with my n95 is when a call is coming in i press option on my phone then send text message and it appers with"sorry ill call you later"

Posted by aatuif
Afaik, This concept of sms on call rejection was first introduced in the nokia 6630...

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