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how can i unlock nokia 6680

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Posted by sandeepmansa
i have nokia 6680 & i had taken this from UK. at present i m in india so this mobile is not working. i want to use this & unlock this what can i do for this. & didn't have a software. want to download free software for this. tell me any site for this.

Posted by BobaFett
only the operator has got the unlock codes, there is NO other way to unlock it, probably there will be never ever ( same at 6630, n70, n80 etc ). if u bought it in the uk, ask there the operator, it doesnt cost that much afaik

Posted by stayback
Which service provider? I have a software.

Posted by BobaFett
@stayback u can unlock nokia symbian fones?

Posted by stayback
I have got the software, but never tried

Posted by BobaFett
sorry, but i dont think it would work...

Posted by stayback
One of my friend is UK, unlocked Nokia 6630 with it.

Posted by BobaFett
or u can kill the fone...

Posted by stayback
well, I know It worked.

Posted by stayback
Why it will kill phone???

Posted by BobaFett
afaik there is NO solution to unlock a symbian, i necer saw that at any private person or in a mobile shop. if there would be, probably everybody would manage it. just take a look in the fone sale section here, everbodies first question at nokis symbians is: unlocked or not.

Posted by stayback
There are two methods, as far as i knew... One is online unlocking method and the other is the software am talking about... Am not sure, as I never tried them. But My friend tried and was successful...

Posted by Sammy_boy
The only surefire way at the moment to unlock a 6680 or any of the current generation of BB5 phones (N70, N90, et al.) is to phone up the original network operator and ask them to unlock it, this I think can only be done by the original owner with the original sim as far as I'm aware. It will cost 15, but I've heard of some people being quoted over 100 just to unlock the thing!

There are NO online or code generator solutions available yet, they're working on them but nothing concrete so far. You'll see people selling code calculators on Ebay but these at best will only work for 1 in 5 of phones, perhaps less.

Posted by stayback

Are you from Imserba???

Posted by BobaFett
imo it wont be possible ever...

Posted by Sammy_boy
@stayback - no I'm not I'm afraid!

Posted by stayback
@Sammy boy

there is a imserbian with same id... so I thgt ur the same Sammy.

Posted by jeva
You can unlock your mobile using unlock code..You can get the unlock code here http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/ and get the free unlock instructions here http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/

Posted by budz
Tom, im going to my shop to give u ur code.. I need the ff.. Imei, probider (origin/network)..

Posted by litemint
in the philippines, i think it cost roughly around $6 or $8 unlocking phones, technicians are lurking around in the malls on their stalls, and they are on business.

Posted by matturavi
Hi, Nokia 6680 is a superb Digital multimedia mobile phone ,I am using this model mobile still now there is no problem both my phone and my unlocking , Using unlock code is very best method for unlocking So you may use this this site provide the exact unlocking code.It is my real experience,
[ This Message was edited by: matturavi on 2010-02-09 12:33 ]

Posted by sujith34
thanks for sharing!!!

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