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From the forum:


Nokia online shop now open!

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Posted by fatreg

just had me to trip to the Nokia website to see that they now have their own online store

Nokia Shop Online

Black 8800 = 799.99 is it is avbailble!


Posted by masseur
here is the direct link to the black 8800. I wouldn't pay that for the Gold D&G V3i and so I definitly won't pay that for the black 8800, though each to their own, of course...

Posted by methylated_spirit
I still cant get my head around that phone, who would spend that on a phone with a talktime of 3 hours?!?

Posted by amawanqa
LOL, wanna check out mobilefun's price for the black 8800...?

Just make sure you're sitting down before checking out the above link...

Posted by axxxr
Mobilefun must be off their tree if they can justify 950!

Posted by Xugaa
oh dear...

Posted by scottt
ridiculous...... would of thought Nokia would have more of there range on offer to be honest

Posted by Mulder7
Can anybody tell me why that phone is so sought after, I mean it doesnt really have anything unique in my opinion. Plus its a Nokia!

Posted by Xugaa
nokia... range...

cloning phones... all look the same... boring... sounds about right :|

Posted by Areafada
i think the fone is kool, I use a Nokia 9500 myself.

Posted by amawanqa

On 2006-04-20 18:06:59, axxxr wrote:
Mobilefun must be off their tree if they can justify 950!

Absolutely; 150-odd more for the exactly the same handset! Wonder what they would charge for one of those 'Aston Martin' Nokia 8800's...

Posted by BobaFett
those prices are insane...

Posted by axxxr
I frankly don't know what all the fuss is about with the 8800 ...it may be a well built phone..but i think the design is below average and specs are poor for a handset of that price to say the least...I woud'nt even keep one if it was given to me for free..proberbly flog it on ebay!

Posted by Mulder7
axxxr I'm firmly with you on that one.

Posted by BobaFett
8800 is a bad joke, crap features, way to overpriced.

Posted by pow1990
its made to be unique from other mobiles and not for everyone to use and not exclusive too everyone, that is why they have these 8xxx series mainly for the ones who can afford taht junk to show off:P


Posted by fatreg
spot on Pow!

Nokia 8XXX arent made for your everyday person well except the 8310!

other than that the 8810/8850/8890/8910/8910i/8800 have all been well overpriced and well underspecced.

thats the whole idea! they are meant for the elite among us (well those with a big enough wad) your typical nokia 8800 owner doesnt want a camera, a radio, an mp3 player, GPS, they want a phone , one that calls and can send the odd text. to which an 8800 fits the bill. take for example Vertu, you all slag off how overpriced an 8800 is, what about a vertu? up until recently they had monochrome screens! phones that work dont have gadgets. just like a swiss army knife, it does exactly what it is meant to, its a knife, it cuts thing, a Nokia 8800 is a phone, it phones people!

i wish some of you people would understand the concept behing Nokia premium products, you expect a lot more, and thats what you get!

after all in life, you get what you pay for. (im a firm firm believer in that)


Posted by pow1990
i believe that too, its all true just another market strategy nokia

gr8 minds ey fatreg


[ This Message was edited by: pow1990 on 2006-04-20 21:49 ]

Posted by fatreg
ermm im the great mind pow!

i dont believe its a market stragery, Nokia i believe that they have a nice little niche in the market and right now they are the only people filling it, yes youll see the odd rival V3i D and G, etc but it just doesnt cut it, at the end of the day its still a V3i not matter how you badge it up!


Posted by Mulder7
Same can be said with almost anything these days. Look at cars for instance. New model pops up 10k more but has 4 more colours available and a sun roof.

sorry for going off topic

Posted by fatreg
of course the same can be said!

as i said "you get what you pay for"

you dont expect a 10k and a 100k car to be comparble on any level, take your hair for example, i pay x to get my hair but, ive tried paying less than x but paying a just doesnt cut the mustard.

at the end of the day you paying for exclisivity.

we are all in the same trap people and those of you that say you are not are lying through your front teeth, everyone is this world is materialistic is someway or another. just some people express it in different ways.


Posted by kk.226
I hate it when people slag off the 8800 for poor features, that's just not what it's about. Fatreg is right, Nokia have found a niche in the market, and are the only ones actually supplying the product that a select few want... form over function, beauty over brains etc.

The reason I have one is the looks and build quality, you hold it against a k750i or w900i (I have both) and when compared they feel like toys, plasticy and horrible. With the 8800, its materials and sheer weight alone let you know you've got what you paid for.

It's a phone after all; it makes calls, why would it need anything else? If you want to take decent pictures, buy a camera, play games? Then buy a gameboy.

The fact is some people want a basic phone that looks and feels the part, and for them the 8800 is best suited. Others want a feature packed phone, and for them the likes of k750is or the p910i maybe best.

If you don't like it then don't buy it or waste time with it, sure you can complain it's over priced or whatever but it doesn't matter, the fact remains that enough people will buy it at the retailed price, and therefore there is no reason at all for shops to charge any less for it.

Personally I hope phones like this continue to keep a high price, so they don't become so common

Posted by masseur
On 2006-04-28 23:14:05, kk.226 wrote:
I hate it when people slag off the 8800 for poor features, that's just not what it's about. Fatreg is right, Nokia have found a niche in the market, and are the only ones actually supplying the product that a select few want... form over function, beauty over brains etc.

I think my argument about this is that if I want a good looking phone with poor features I should not be expected to pay 500+ (normal retail) or 300+ (mates rates/ebay etc) for it.

IMHO my V3 is still a great looker and is easily available for 100

btw, I am even more dissapointed that Nokia should try to make the exclusive 8800 even more exclusive by bringing out the limited black version (which I personally have seen and really don't like).

They are just trying to rub existing owners up the wrong way who were promised exclusivity with the 8800.

Posted by methylated_spirit
A battery that lasts a day...exclusivity? They can whistle. Only a mug would buy that shite. Sorry if i've offended anyone, but my nokia 3100 battery lasts for a week, and i got it for free...ok it doesnt have a camera but it does just about everything else the 8800 does.

Posted by Dogmann
Hi all i think the 8800 was a proof of concept phone and the concept it proves is that a fool and his money are soon parted.

Apologies to any 8800 owners just my sense of humour and funnily enough on an SE forum not a Nokia fan in the slightest.


Posted by amawanqa
LOL, as of today, mobilefun have dropped the 950-odd price tag on the black 8800 by a whopping 250!
Yours for (cough..) 699.95; that's now 100-odd cheaper than the Nokia online shop's current price.

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