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I have composed ringtones using MusicDJ

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Posted by indiannawaf
Hey guys I searched Esato but couldnt find any topics on composing tunes on MusicDJ. People who have created tones and stuff from MusicDJ, VideoDJ and PhotoDJ can post it here. I tried but couldnt get a decent tune. If theres already a thread on this please post it.


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Posted by indiannawaf


Posted by procterdc
Your chance to start one then...

Posted by indiannawaf

Cmon man there should be someone on esato who has composed a tone.

Posted by indiannawaf
Finally I have composed a tone. Please I want your comments.

Posted by whizkidd
That was good! Compose some more!

Posted by blu_6779


Posted by indiannawaf
That was good blu.
Here are some more. But dont think that if one is good all will be!!

Posted by indiannawaf
Cmon I want some comments and more ringtones.

Posted by blu_6779
the second one was nice

Posted by blu_6779
here's some of dr_thug's tunes. I hope it is okay with you if i post them thugs .


On 2005-11-27 05:54:01, dr_thug wrote:

meantime,enjoy my latest creation...

my old creation(and my personal favorite) is this...


Posted by dr_thug
ahh...finally a thread where music dj creations can be uploaded.
thanks blu for posting my previous creations.are they still working links?how do i upload in geocities?i registered just now but its not accepting my files.

i have more of my creations coming...

Posted by indiannawaf
Geocities supports mid files. What message does it give when you try to upload your tones?

Posted by indiannawaf
Heres one more from me.

It will sound better if you put it in your phone and listen. The midi player I have in my comp is crap. If you have a good one do mention.

Posted by blu_6779
what software r u using to play it on ur pc? I'm using quicktime.

Posted by Pradhika
I can compose well too. And thats all.

Posted by indiannawaf
I used real player. Tried quicktime just now. The sound is very diffirent from what i listen on the phone.

Anyway was that last one any good?

Posted by GRiNDBoX
did yah guys composed it or just spliced it?

Posted by indiannawaf
We have composed it.

Posted by Borg32

Hey guys. I see were all into the addiction of MusicDj. I bumped into it on my girlfriends cell phone and spent more time on her cell then with her. =P Anywho, I went into some further detail and what format MusicDj records into. For the most part, MusicDj records its music into a rare format known as Mtrk or a Midi Sequence. Not to be confused with the common midi file, Mtrk is more compacted and copyrighted by the cell phone Ericson or whoever wrote the software MusicDj. ANYWAYS, I began to think outside the box into a bigger area and wanted to hear my creations in my truck deck. You know, 2 X 12' subs, surround speakers, you get the pic. In order to do this...read on.

1> Create your song using the MusicDj software on most Ericson phones
2> E-mail the song or transfer the created song using a phone to USB cable
3> Download one of the following...Quicktime, Realplayer or Itunes. I perfer Itunes since quicktime tends make the music sound different along with Realplayer.
4> Download a sound recorder. I used "All Sound Recorder XP located at www.download.com
5> While playing the midi on itunes, record using "All Sound Recorder XP". By default it will convert record to MP3.
6> There you go. Your song is now an MP3, change the setting in "All Sound Recorder XP" to Wav format.

Since most CD burners/MP3 players wont recognize midi formats especially Mtrk, you have to use the above steps to convert to a recognizeable format. I hoped this helped all. Happy creations. I'd share mine but I hate the making of dinky website. =P

Posted by alif9198
heres mine...
so what do you think?....
this is my second one (i deleted the first)


Posted by alif9198
Youtube version of Chord24(played in iTunes) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yBIZy8E8Yk

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