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New Zealanders

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Posted by Muhammad-Oli

Hello and welcome to the Esato New Zealanders thread!

Voted best regional thread and runner up for best post at the 2009 Esato Awards!

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Visiting New Zealand and bringing your Mobile? Carkitter has all you need to know here.


Original post:

Are there any New Zealanders on Esato?

We could complain about so much!


The stunning image of Mount Cook above is used with permission from frankthetank. Cheers!

This discussion thread was created back in 2005 by myself to find New Zealanders on Esato and to provide a place for us to chat. Anyone is welcome to drop in and say hi, so feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions, be it mobile phone related or not! It may not be a complaint anymore though! It's a slow moving thread because there isn't many of us, but that doesn't mean there's nothing good to discuss!

I am compiling a list of active New Zealand members on Esato so we all know who the New Zealanders are when we catch each other around the forum. If you are a Kiwi and would like your name to be added here, please leave a comment or PM me. I am also adding in your location and the phone you use, so let me know!

New Zealander List as on Saturday 5th March 2011:
Muhammad-Oli Auckland Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
carkitter Auckland Sony Ericsson Zylo
yea g Auckland Sony Ericsson C905
Soane28 Palmerston North LG KC910 Renoir
JiSm Auckland Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, Sony Ericsson C902 & Sony Ericsson K850i
K71 Wellington Sony Ericsson G900
frankthetank Christchurch LG Optimus One (P500)
Evilchap Auckland Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
RevoWution Auckland

Click on a name to be taken to that member's latest posts. Thanks to all for the input and ideas for this section!

Below is a map of New Zealand, and on it are numbers which correspond to links below the map. Each link will take you to a photo of that location which was taken by an Esato member using a Sony Ericsson camera phone. Using this, people can see the beauty of New Zealand right here on Esato.

If any members have photos of New Zealand locations which are taken with Sony Ericsson phones that they feel should be added to the map, please feel free to PM me or leave a comment in the thread. Please also make sure you have uploaded them to the Esato photos section first!

The more the better so get snapping!

Thanks again carkitter for this excellent idea!

The following is a list of the current Sony Ericsson phones that our networks have available on the New Zealand market. This list does not include imported phones.

Once again, the idea for this list comes courtesy of carkitter, so a big thanks to him!

All Current and Official New Zealand Sony Ericsson Phones:

Aspen (M1) - Vodafone
Vivaz - Telecom
W100 Roxy - Vodafone
XPERIA X8 - Vodafone
XPERIA X10 - Vodafone
XPERIA X10a - Telecom
XPERIA X10 Mini Pro (U20) - Vodafone
XPERIA X10 Mini Pro (U20a) - Telecom
Zylo (W20) - Vodafone

Please note: 2 Degrees currently do not sell any Sony Ericsson phones officially, but any Vodafone Sony Ericsson mobile will function fully on the 2 Degrees network.

New Zealand Threads of Interest:

carkitter's "Visiting New Zealand and bringing your Mobile? All you need to know." thread
humphreybc's "The great New Zealand telecommunications battle" thread
carkitter's "TeamVodafone 2007" thread
carkitter's "V640i review"
The "Tributes for Everest 'colossus'" thread


If you feel something important should be added to this first post, please let me know and I will either put it up or put it under serious consideration.



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Posted by brix25
Start the bitching:-)

Posted by uthetha ituvi
I've got a kiwi friend with a p800; will let her know about this thread.

Posted by carkitter
Kiwi checking in!

Nothing to complain about here. Esato ROCKS!!!!!!!!
My K700i has gone from Clark Kent to Superfone within a month thanks to the info and software I've found hiding here.

Posted by Gigs
Long term resident kiwi here.. apart from the now transplanted Nick..

Posted by carkitter
Sooooo then... !

Who fell for the Vodafone hoax over the weekend eh?
Come on, own up!

I'm too old and wise to participate in chain letters.

Posted by brix25
We use to have those in South Africa a couple of years ago promising free calls on certain numbers and text messages.

Posted by carkitter
This one said 'Pass it on to 20 people and you'll get a $50 credit'.

It coincided with a VodafoneNZ text messaging promotion and a Telecom mobile marketing campaign promoting 'Telephone tag' with video phones using the words "pass it on".

Posted by liquored
hey a p900 user here, from auckland. valuable stuff on this site.

I didnt fall for the hoax (i had no credit), but I rcvd about 50 texts.

do you know anyone around in nz that can upgrade my p900 to 910a firmware by any chance?

Posted by Gigs
Heh didn't even get it here Car..

Got a stupid "Money Bees" spam txt from a friend, deleted it immeadiately and didn't really look at my phone for the rest of the weekend.

Posted by carkitter

On 2005-05-10 23:03:15, liquored wrote:
hey a p900 user here, from auckland. valuable stuff on this site.

I didnt fall for the hoax (i had no credit), but I rcvd about 50 texts.

do you know anyone around in nz that can upgrade my p900 to 910a firmware by any chance?


I dont know of anyone specificialy who can upgrade your firmware, I'd like a firmware upgrade too - it apparently makes a big difference to K700i battery life. If you have a DSS-20/DSS-25 stand, you can get on the S/E website and download your own I believe...

Posted by Gigs
for the "P910" conversion (or what peopel are calling a P905) you'd need to look at a webservice I guess liek setool or whatever its called to be able to do it. Not sure if anyone around NZ is offering it at all..

@car: Mobile fone repair should be bale to upgrade your firmware, call em on 0508 737 247

Posted by liquored

So what is the difference between doind an upgrade (p905), and a firmware upgrade?

Posted by Gigs
A firmware upgrade to yoru P900 will only update the features already available within the phone.

The "P905" update will basically add new features like 1gb mem stick support and i believe cripples some Bt headsets from working with the phone.

Also if your p900 is within warranty it'd remove that too. :/

If your phone is out of warranty then you've really got nothing to loose by it.. But the main reason to do it imo would be for the memory stick upgrade than anything else. If you don't need the memory stick capacity I wouldnt' worry about it.

Posted by liquored

cheers dude,. might have a look at the firmware, might flag the p905 for now and wait a bit.

have u got sman v1.4 yet?

Posted by Gigs
Not yet, will grab it when I get home

Ever since i bought aarkanoid off the vodafone live games section I have hardly put my K700i down.

Posted by liquored
you got arkanoid, i remember that game when i played it on my amiga! lol!

im gonna get that!

Posted by Oogamous
Greetings to all new zealanders..i'm from India. Just dropped in to say- I loved all the landscapes shown in the Lord of the rings.. Beautiful country. Cheers.

Posted by liquored
man. there are no games vodafone live for p900
oh wells ill go back to lemming then

Posted by Davo_169
lemmings is awesome...im stuck on level 14.

wassup bro....neighbors from the land of the long white cloud

Posted by liquored
howsit going?

i got that bluetooth battleships, but got no mates with Pxxx's.

just got sman 1.4, nice piece of work

Posted by Gigs
@ooga: Thanks, they're all fake. We actually live in a giant bluescreen.. The rest is added by Weta.

@liq: what area of auckland? if you're ever around henderson then I'll do a BT sweep for you (course will have to get battleships too lol)

grr i also forgot to download sman last night too >:/

Aarkanoid on the amiga (and A2 - the revenge of Doh) was something i used to play all the time.. Killed alot of mice

@Davo: whats level 14 again? I completed all of lemmings back when it came out on the amiga (hehe family travelling to the UK at the right time, I asked for them to buy it )

Posted by liquored

Im out east in howick, but my boss in in titirangi, going over there tonight.

Think I might go down to downtown shopping centre at lunch today and do some bluejacking

Posted by Gigs
S'funny, all I find doing sman sweeps is other Sony Ericssons..

I used Bjacking all the time at the movies to encourage people to turn off their mobiles

Posted by liquored
have to try it today with 1.4 cause you can send any file now, not just a vcard.

I got this picture of an old guy I want to bluejack with.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah, i fell for the chain message...stupidly!

Having no credit is no excuse, text was free!

When I said we could complain about a lot, i meant vodafone's service.

Didn't know there are this many NZers! I'm from Chch.

Posted by Davo_169
ive got the java version for the K700i and im stuck...i almost got my phone confiscated at skool today because i swore out aload when all my lemmings died

Posted by carkitter

@oh li

Can't complain about Vodafones service. Without them we'd all be using Nokia 252's on 025. I've been there, it ain't pretty.

Speaking of cough, Telecom, cough - what do yall think of people hacking into voicemail?

Posted by liquored

Quite funny they only found out when the guy boasted on the net he had done it!

Posted by Gigs
@davo: Oh no you did not just tell me it was out for the k700i.. no LAH LAH LAH LAH... must.. not... tempted... install... nooooo

(Snicker) voicemail hacking.. what a laugh.. Its not hacking if morons forget to set anything other than the default password. (Companies have been facing the same issue with employees not setting voicemail passwords and people using the phoen network form the outside to dial on to other numbers, most of them pay for numbers or international numbers)

I think its just another case of telecom red face treatment. Something i always enjoy

TBH same opinion with me, I can't complain, voda keeps making things nicer. The only things I feel that are complainable is that on plans the txt limit is something quite unbelievably small, and that data plans here are non existant.

Tripple figure free txt, and 10-50 meg dataplans that don't cost stupid amounts would be alot nicer.

I'd rather be with voda for when travelling though. I'm not sure i can handle being able to text to telecoms "dozens" of networks that support it. lol

I am awaiting to see what voda does with 3G though, and also what Telstra clear does.

Posted by carkitter
I find text is getting old. I prefer MMS - sending a pic with a caption, plus recrding my voice and adding that too. Works a treat sent from my K7 to my wife's Z600. Still looking for an oportunity to send a video clip though.

10 - 50 MB plans at lower prices would be cool for browsing WAP.

Posted by liquored
txt is good with stylus. mms is all good but i find some phones dont play the tunez that i send to them with the mssge. (all midi ofcourse).

Posted by Gigs
PXT is cool for making lil maps to get to places too. Pity theres no decent pxt plans

Midi? Whassat?

Remidns me I need to put Should I stay or Should I go on the phoen as a ringtone too.

Posted by liquored
it does a budget interpretation of song. size varies from liker 3kb to 15kb's, pretty tiny good for mms (to the right fone)

Posted by Gigs
I know what it is liq, I was beeing sarcy.

No longer use midi here, mp3 all the way.

Posted by liquored
sorry dude

no more more mp3 anymore .ogg for me!

(me still only got default memory stick so need to save space!)

Posted by liquored
anyone here tried getting free gprs on their phone :|

Posted by carkitter

After a thorough search on WAP to find all my favourite MIDI ringtones, I'm reluctant to get rid of them, even though I can now do the MP3 thing. Haven't got around to saving any short MP3 files yet.

MMS rocks but having checked out the S/E site and looked at the K600i and Z800 (both 3G handsets) I have to say, I'd like to try video telephony. Now I don't know whether to update to a W800i or go 3G!

Posted by Gigs
Free GPRS would be nice (whistles)

I'm practically slavering over the W800i, 3g later maybe, but for now I'd just like the W800i )

Will skip the K750i despite them being practically the same too.

Though I do wonder what are making for the next P series.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
@liquored You sound like you know how to get free GPRS???

Posted by carkitter
Don't miss 20/20 9:30pm tonight on TV2. Story on the Telecom hacker.

Posted by carkitter
Did anyone see it? Any comments?

Posted by Gigs
I didn't.. was i right though? just unset voicemail passwords?

Or was he a little more ingenius than that?

Or did he just get a list of ESN's and change his phone to them lol

Went out and watched episode 3 last night.. Damned great on the mega screen. Not a bad movie too..

Posted by liquored

no i dont, but i wish i did.

in the Pxxx forum there is a topic on free gprs, but idoesn't work here.

Posted by carkitter

Yeah, It was confined to viocemail and with some knowledge of the system and basic computing, He managed to exploit a loophole. But he was able to use it still even after a password was set and as alot of people use their bank PIN number as the password... let's just say that 20/20 like to sensationalise things.

I'm not famous enough to have to worry about hacking.

They didn't say whether the Vodafone system was susceptable.
I bet it's not!

Posted by Gigs

I love it..

having worked in call centers for a while i just love how sensationalised crap means people are in a complete state of panic.

Whats the bet ALOT of bank pins got changed today.

Its like viruses in cellphones.. i was watching click online the other night on the beeb.. They failed to mention that they weren't out for symbian UIQ

Posted by carkitter
Er.... UIQ? Whats UIQ?

Posted by carkitter
@oh li

Congrats to the Crusaders. Did you go to the game?
The final next week should be great!

Posted by Gigs

UIQ is the interface that the P series runs. Symbian is the operating systen, but iq is the whole buttons and interactive thing over the top. (the menu system)

Grr missed the F1 again last night >:/

Watched torque hoever.. That martin henderson.. such a wee rogue!

Gonan finish watching lost tonight I think too

Posted by carkitter
I sat up to watch the F1 but kept nodding off. I'm extremely disappointed that BAR Honda (my favourite) got banned, but looking forward to their return this week. Can't miss the Lion's v Argentina
game tomorrow morning...

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