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Survey found 3/4 of women go through call-register of boyfriend's phone

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Posted by axxxr
Via: bostonherald

A survey conducted by Sync Magazine says chances are she's snooping through your cellphone.

Three-quarters of the 1,000 women surveyed admitted they've looked through the call log of their boyfriend's cellphone.

Women aren't looking at your collar for lipstick these days . . . what they do is go through your phone log,'' Tony Romando, editor in chief of Sync Magazine, said.

Romando calls the survey a heads up'' to men everywhere and said shows such as ``Desperate Housewives'' are indicative of the culture of cheating today.

All girls do,'' Megan Monaghan, 23, who admitted to snooping through a potential's'' phone last week, said.

I don't want to say that it's OK. I think that it's an invasion of privacy and it's something that the other person has a right to get mad about,'' she said. But there's a weakness inside of you that you have to look.''

Marc Parenteau, 24, isn't suprised by the survey's results.You've got to figure that sometimes they look through your phonebook or cellphone and check stuff on your mailbox and stuff,'' he said.For me, it's not that big a deal.''

Posted by FutureDesign
Not a surprise realy

Posted by Dj Boyi
I once asked my ex wife to sit next to me so we cud go thru my phone book 2gether...she refused! Fookin women! :-D Never satisfied are they!

Posted by blayv
3/4 admit it, and 1/doesn't admit, but still does it ;-)

Posted by Ayush
Bla are you one of them? :-)

Posted by blayv
Hardly, cause I'm male, but I have many girlfriends, and heard all sort of things from them.

Posted by Del
My wife goes through mine

Posted by Rva@
So does mine, but i have nothing to hide... On that phone anyway.. Remember ! A mann needs a woman to love, a woman to make love to.. Preferebly on two diffrent adresses..! :)

Posted by Johnex
Ahaha! And the other 1/3 would call all the people that are on the call list :-)

Posted by ares
Thankfully you can remove entries from the list eh eh

Posted by batesie

bet loads of us guys do it too....

Posted by senninha

On 2005-03-15 07:41:39, Rva@ wrote:
So does mine, but i have nothing to hide... On that phone anyway.. Remember ! A mann needs a woman to love, a woman to make love to.. Preferebly on two diffrent adresses..!

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hilarious!!! and if you believe in that, then get a multi-line SIM, have a prepaid line installed on it, and make sure you clear your call lists and delete compromising messages.

Posted by govigov

On 2005-03-15 04:05:37, boyi wrote:
I once asked my ex wife to sit next to me so we cud go thru my phone book 2gether...she refused! Fookin women! Never satisfied are they!

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Posted by msmmsm
I remember my brother's ex-girlfriend use to go through his phone to check up on him, so he renamed the other girl he was seeing on the side to a guys name

Posted by Ibinco
I dont blame them... i clear my phone logs daily so me girl doesnt see which other women i call..

Posted by Sammy_boy
My girlfriend likes fiddling with my phone and playing the games on it.... I wouldn't be surprised if she was having a quick look through the texts or the address book too!

Mind you, I have a few mobiles and a couple of pay as you go sim cards, if I was to have a 'bit on the side' (Not that I could, would feel to guilty!), I'd give her one of the other numbers!

Posted by Jake Blues
an x of mine found it really suspicious that i dont keep any texts and my call logs are always clear.
she didnt last long!

Posted by joebmc
After a night out wiv the lads my bird always has a route through my phone (she's got nothing to worry about) but thats just women there nosey

my ebay items

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Posted by Rva@
I know exactly what you are talking about, was out this weekend - She spend half an hour with my phone, the next morning..
She knows, that i collect /// phones, dont she think they work..?

Too easy..

BTW. Did you know, that the best preservative, is ... A fake number - and adress..!

Posted by FutureDesign
Im not with any one but when gals go through my txts the giggle and start sayin shit and start fightin, its a msg to a couple of girls, and they get anoyed cuz i dont txt them, now im goin on about jackshit, anyways when i talk to otha girls i talk to them like i wuld to my gf so doez it mata?

Posted by Draqula
If you think your woman is checking your phone...
Add a fake contact, something like:
Name: da mistress
Phone: 696969

Posted by mobirev
Atleast thats ok.but my cousin sis(my age)she goes through my phonebook,messages,photos.but she skips sounds.its kind of irritating.so i keep the phone belted to my pocket.and answer calls via bluetooth headset.

Posted by adhamroberts
Thats y i always check my messages and call log b4 i go out

Posted by Bianca
Am i really the only girl that doesnt go through other peoples phone? I would never do that i like my own privacy too :-)

Posted by Qoastro
Glad to se that there are girls that are that interested in phones. (500+ posts and a P900 )

Since I don't save sms for that long and almost never call anyone I often let people look at my call list, inbox, outbox, pics etc.... But first I want to check it to make sure there aren't some too private stuff on it....

Posted by Rva@
On 2005-03-16 10:57:26, Bianca wrote:
Am i really the only girl that doesnt go through other peoples phone?

Jep, thatīs quite possible ..
No, just kidding - But it just pisses me off. that i cant have anything to myself, in my own house..
Can you shed any light on why woman do these things, please help us understand..!!

Posted by Bianca
i have no idea why women do that, jealousy maybe?

Posted by Rva@
Well if they didnīt look, then there would be no reson to be jealux..

Posted by Qoastro
As some smart person before me said: Broad generalisation=BAD
Let's remember that all girls don't go through guy's(and other girl's for that reason) call list and so...
Like Bianca, she doesn't.
And also that there are guys who do that too....
Personaly I often use other persons phones, but I NEVER read through their call list, sms and so....

Remember: "Do to others what you want them to do to you."
-Some guy which name I've forgotten
Only fools quote themselfs.

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Posted by Sammy_boy
Insecurity probably, which is something that I'm sure many men suffer from too, I bet there's a large number of men that go through their girlfriend's phone too.

I have to say I've never (so far!) done that with my girlfriend's phone, at worst just had a look for any interesting ringtones to pinch!

Posted by SsTiTcH
No surprise there..by nature women are curious. had an ex like that she got mad as due to my former occupation i delete all call logs, sms and email as matter of habit. also have set security codes on my phones to access them. and since am single again no longer have to worry bout gf trying to snoop through my phones.

Posted by DJcreamz
i openly sleep with my girl friends mates and sisters, she always says its ok if its someone she know's

I school boy error'd Venga!!!

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Posted by marks_fallen_angel
Each to there own but cant say i'd feel the need to go through a boyfriends phone log or calls or phonebook. i prefer playing with my own phone.

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