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Posted by laffen
The Esato preview

Posted by Davo_169
kool, sounds great

Posted by Ing. FijoK
Nice one. I have seen white K750i at first time.... I prefer black

Posted by vojta66
The white one is W800, isn´it?

Posted by PeterKay
I wouldn't class it as totally white

Posted by tranquil
I've locked my Tiny, hands on, mini review of the K750 for continuation here.
No need to have two topics running.

Posted by BobaFett
@tranquil missed the close button again? i do understand it on a saturday evening, but today is tuesday... ;-)

i am a bit worried of u... are u ok?...

Aquila non capit muscas-Cand. Mag Mt. S.V.P.E.N. MTL :-)-/// 4ever!


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Posted by tranquil
Reread the post mate.

Posted by upper
i love these 2 phones i think the k750 will be my next camera phone, but i will still be keeping my JAM , i will be keeping 2 like a nerd geee imagine how that will look, whats wrong with that, one is a pda and the other is a phone only. feels like i am chatting to my self , OVER AND OUT!!!

Posted by vanquish
Its silver.. white would suggest a pearl finish, its a silver matte finish!

Posted by Glenny
dude just realised, the k750 has auto focus! nice, but ive only just got k700, maybe ill wait for christmas to hear from you guys to see what its like!

Posted by WelshTom
Can't wait for both phones! W800 for me i think!


Posted by Rookwise
K750 for me. Although I'll not be going out in a rush to buy it like I've done in the past with other phones.

Posted by Tha Flipkonijn
he is coming in Belgium, at a price of €379. i cant believe it either, but on this site they clame that thats the price.


hope it comes soon

Posted by shankuru
i would to know about the k750i phone price in france market.
who know about it the price . plz send it coz i'm srilanka but my father in france


Posted by jagger2k
Cant wait for the k750, i might wait till later this year and buy it in silver.

Posted by Vipera ammodytes
K750 Black rules!

Posted by racingboy
Hey, we've got a sample of the K750. We made a review of it in dutch. You can read it here, the review.
If you click on "foto-gallerij" you can see pics of the K750.

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Posted by RayKnight
sasha-SE: I'm agree with you, W800 is nice, but the colours orange and white... No way!!!

So K750 in Black is the one!!

Posted by DragonEye
Ok…. So I couldn’t resist… I was gonna wait till the k750i got to a more reasonable price but I had already sold my v802 to I was pretty much 90% there.

So here you have boys the k750i in all it’s glory.
The k750i is a triband 900/1800/1900 phone. With expandable memory up to 2 gb I think and a 2 mp CMOS cam. In SE’s classic candybar format…

The reason I’m doing this review now is cause my stupid allergies are keeping me from sleeping in and the phone is sitting on the charger…. So I got nothing else to do but clean my room but this will be more fun….

On to the show…
My k750i is a HK version with Chinese support rocking firmware R1A044.
Contents… k750i, 900 Mah battery BST-37, 64 ms duo(adapter), charger , datacable, cd, manuals, silver SE strap and SE stereo headphones.

To be honest I’m not absolutely in love with the looks of the phone.. the screen seems to small and unbalanced to the rest of the body. SE should have made the screen bigger. Right now seems to be the same size as the k700i screen.

Reception/call quality
I haven’t talked on it much yet so far no major breaks ups or issues. If we just look at the bars it has less bars in my room when compared to the v802 with z800 firmware. We all know by now bars don’t mean much as long as you can make the call and the k750i was able to. (I also have a feeling rogers is tweaking something cause even the 6620 I have with 850 mhz.. seems to be a little off lately in my basement.

Audio is sufficient loud and up to typical SE standards. The earpiece is louder then the v802 which was a little low.

Battery life…. Looks like the it will perform like a champ again… it’s rocking the same battery as the v802 so it’ll have enough juice to perform all it’s functions.. I don’t see any k700i battery issues here.

Screen… supposedly we’ve SE has thrown in a 262k screen… well they could’ve fooled me looks pretty much the same as the k700i screen. (which is a **** fine screen.) but the k750i does not measure up in screen quality to the lovely s710a screen. It’s a lot better then the v802 screen though. Colors are solid and vibrant no complaints here… well maybe if it was bigger… I don’t mind the phone be a bit bigger but oh well.. I’ll deal with it.

Well to be honest I was expecting much change from this menu vs the v802. but I was wrong…SE has improved upon the menu and added a few more little nice touches.

I love my speakerphones.. and you can have the speakerphone accessed ala motorola now upon dialing.. I guess they’re listening to some of us out here.the menu is fast and nicely animated like the v802. everything has been well laid out and transitions are smooth… I can only expect revised firmwares to polish it even more.. So all you complainers about how slow the SE UI is try a k750i and v802 and you won’t be disappointed.. according to treatz.. the new s710a is fast too… finally SE what took you sooo long.

Overall there hasn’t been any major changes so I won’t have much to blab about. But as always post and I’ll give responses.

SE’s listening again.. you can now view you video’s in horizontal format. Video seems nice and smooth no major lags on hiccups.

The new mp3 player in the k750i rocks! It’s easily the best in terms of sound quality I’ve ever heard… it’s nice and FAT/FULL if you like the bass. The new headphones also fit in my ears better. I thought it would pretty much be like the v802 but it’s much better.

about the new connector.. I have a feeling people may be breaking a few of these…cause they go in and you pull it out.. you can’t bend up and down to take it off like the old SE ones… that means if you bend it by accident I’m sure it’ll snap right off….

Connectivity…. Standard SE stuff here… everything works… BT speeds are in the 50-60kb’s…. data seems to be working fine… I was able to post on hofo.. haven’t tested mms or the email client yet but it’s all been setup typical SE style.

Well I guess that’ everything… all we got left is the camera… yes the lovely 2.0 MP camera. Is the cam good… freakin awesome… I just recently had a NEC 840 so I have something to compare to…..

But in general the k750i follows the traditional SE d/c setup and has all the little setting again.. the auto focus is a very nice touch. The pics seem excessively large though… we’re talking 500+kb a pic.. which takes a few seconds to save..
Mine doesn’t have the camera sound disabled in silent…


bbq last night

macro mode at tim's... auto lighting...

good ole voltron

with flash and night mode

random outdoor shots

NEC 840 outdoor

Well I’m pretty much done here…gonna pop in a few more allergy pills and mow the long…..

Hope you enjoy the pics…

Overall… is the SE k750i worth it… hmmm… well I would expect this to be a great buy in the $500-600 cad range… it does everything… but for all us Canadian rogers users… SE missing the 850 boat is a tad annoying.. JERKS! They deserve a punch in the face!
It does everything I need it too and more… the OS is stable and I’ve seen no bugs yet….
It’s nice and small and the buttons are nicely spaced now.. the k700i felt cramped.
I loved my v802 but the poor cam made me want a slight upgrade and the k750i provides that and a little more.

Last note.. the phone charges a little faster now… 2 hours… and it’s all set and ready to go…..also IMO the w800, d750i and k750i are all the same **** phone.. we’ll be able to flash them into each other and change the housings if you want… but I could be wrong….

If anyone wants a small video clip i just need someone to host... pm me..

I posted some comparison pics cause everyone always asks...

more discussion here

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Posted by vojta66
Nice comparsion! Thanks

Posted by scotchgitt
As folks find new functions and features post them here and we can include them in the review.

Here is my mini review.

Buying the phone.
On Sat 21st May I was browsing Esato on Wap while waiting with my son outside a shop that my wife was in. I was reading the thread about the "K750 out in the UK today", I immediately called O2 online as I have an online contract, they said they didn't have it in yet and when they did get it they had to test it was "upgrade worthy" before they gave it to any of their existing customers. I left this call dejected....how sad a grown man dejected because he couldn't get a new phone.

Then about 25 minutes later I was pushing the pram past the local O2 store and my 8 month old shouted something, I am convinced he said something like "Dad they have the K750i in there". I took this as a sign to go into the store and just have a look and hold the phone (that I wasn't destined to have) if it had arrived. I asked the girl if they had it in yet and she smiled and pulled one out of her pocket. I then asked if I can upgrade an O2 online phone in the store, she said yes and that she would check and depending on my upgrade date and my tariff I could have a phone there and then........I was all excited (again very sad,) just glad my son is too young to understand how sad his Dad is.

She checked my online account and said the upgrade would cost £0 as I am already on the Online 200 tariff and all she needed was my debit card to prove who I am, I then signed the new 12 month contract and ran out before she could change her mind.

I couldn't wait to get to a coffee shop to open the box as soon as I could. M&S cafe was the closest (they do nice espresso in there) I took the sim out of my K700 and put it and the battery into the K750.

Follow this link for the mini review:-


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Posted by wellington
First of all, good review scotchgitt. Well presented, I have one question though, how long does it take for the camera of the phone to take a picture? Let's say, on a standard setting. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Posted by scotchgitt

from first pushing the button it takes ~ 2 seconds to focus lock then a further ~ 3 seconds to take the shot. But if you take a set of 4 photos on burst mode (which are defaulted to 640 x 480 resolution) the focus is the same and each picture takes just less that 2 secs per pic.

I also forgot to add in the review that I have managed to turn off the shutter sound somehow.

Posted by amnesia
nice review.

the pics dont look to hot though.
I was going to buy it but I think I'll wait till they reach better standards, at least until I can replace my real digital camera.

Posted by rajasekharan_v
its a beauty... i bought it yesterday...nice cam ...better than my k700i.....

Posted by nephilim
I'm very interested in this phone but am particular about the saving of my numerous contacts. My question is, is the K750 like the P800 or P900 where contacts can be saved in the memory stick?

Posted by victorh017
I like the BLACK K750 better that the silver one.

Posted by leonardoxxx
K750 black ...a damned verrryyyyy gooooddd phone....at least I found an awesome damned good phone.....High tech and Stylish....

Posted by jenbones
It's cool, but now everyone has them so they are now officially common and crap

Posted by SloopJohnB
crap is your gayish w800

Posted by ayk

On 2005-06-06 10:22:52, rajasekharan_v wrote:better than my k700i

the k700's joystick is much more better & sturdy than the k750's.

Posted by nmshyam
I have K700i and is really a cool phone to have.
But has anyone who switched from 700 to 750 can throw some light on things like is it worth swithing? some major enhancement on existing features etc??

We know some new features like memory enhancement, but what about the existing features of 700 which have been enhanced??

Anyone checked them?

Posted by markztrance
hey, i think you better buy k800 than k750.

Posted by MartinJD
I really like the K750i but the little joystick thing breaks to easy.

The screen is also too easy to break and the colour rubs off the case!

Other than that its a good phone to use.

Posted by BrianCool
A friend of mine bought this phone unlocked and brand new a few months back and its working just fine. He got a great price for it ($213) at exoticphone.com and a one year warranty too.

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Posted by Baez.91

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Posted by maxlee
great... check mobtravel.com for softwares compatible with this device. They have reasonalbe prices for applications they sell. I have tried few from there.

Posted by Renu
I've had mine for about a year and I love it. The only issues I've had are that sometimes when you take the phone out of your pocket, the lens cover falls open. And the area around the joystick is a dust-magnet.

Posted by epdm

On 2007-09-27 08:49:05, Renu wrote:
I've had mine for about a year and I love it. The only issues I've had are that sometimes when you take the phone out of your pocket, the lens cover falls open. And the area around the joystick is a dust-magnet.

Not to mention the dust that settles between the screen and the case/screen cover.

Posted by Mon1018
Can't wait for both phones! W800 for me i think!

Posted by gothenk

On 2007-04-08 21:08:51, elviper_82 wrote:

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Hello everybody, K750 is a very good cell phone, i've moded ones on the acoustic, use the toshara file, and the result is very suprise me, loud n balance music, sorry 4 my english

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