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Posted by tranced
In 12 years there have been a lot of changes in the mobile industry. Trends have come and gone. Others have stayed and made a difference.

Today we celebrate the 12th anniversary of this site. It is such a milestone to have you to celebrate it with us.

Posted by razec
2 years before I formally registered as a user, I've been reading posts and downloading themes from this site ever since. I'm so glad to be a part of the big family


Posted by mlife
Happy birthday esato!!

Posted by rikken
Happy birthday Esato

Posted by randomuser
Happy Birthday ESATO !!

Posted by goldenface
All the very best to my big extended esato family.

It will be my tenth year this year and I've seen some great changes and had some great and funny times.

All the very best!!

Posted by itsjustJOH
Happy birthday Esato!

Posted by sonyland
Happy birthday ESATO

thanks for all

Posted by moogoo
happy birthday esato..

i know it's YOUR birthday, but you should give members like me (10yrs+) a free sony phone to celebrate. just a thought

Posted by goldenface

We all need a new phone sometime. My XT is beginning to look a bit ropey!

Posted by tranced
@moogoo: oh dear

Posted by Marly
Happy Birtday, Esato!

Maybe a new Playtime competition to celebrate the occasion?
Could donate a classic

Posted by goldenface
Ah, we haven't had a Playtime in such a long time.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Happy Birthday Esato!

1st came here with my 1st SE, the W800i to download wallpapers and themes, but only registered about 7months later when I got my W900i and have stayed ever since. Good times had around here with some great members. I think it's my 6th year here.

Oh wow, would be great to have a Playtime comp. When was the last one even 2008?
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Posted by tranced
Things should get better soon. I hope so

On 2013-08-07 16:44:11, goldenface wrote:
Ah, we haven't had a Playtime in such a long time.

Posted by reeflotz
Happy Birthday Esato!

From mobile phones, to software modding, to rumors, to concepts, to cameraphone photography competitions! It's nice to be a part of the community.

Posted by ofiaich
Happy Birthday Esato!!

I have been here a very long time!!!


Posted by tranced
Of course you have. Even more than laffen

On 2013-08-07 17:33:34, ofiaich wrote:
Happy Birthday Esato!!

I have been here a very long time!!!


Posted by Sonysta
Happy Birthday ESATO !!!

P.S: Thanks For All

Posted by MNX1024
Happy Birthday Esato!

Been here since it the beginning, though been a lurker longer than I was a user

Posted by hihihans
Happy birthday Esato
It's great to be part of the family.

Posted by daviep
happy birthday esato

Posted by tapas123
Happy birthday Esato

Posted by burmistrz
Happy birthday

Posted by TeeGee
Happy B'day Esato

Posted by DexterMoser
Happy Birthday Esato!

Posted by drinki
HBTY Esato!

Posted by HPkuK610i
Happy Birthday ESATO

Posted by Hobbs
Happy Birthday Esato.

When I first visited this site these where some of the specs of my Sony Ericsson F500i...

65k screen 120x160 pixels 1.9"
12mb storage
GPRS Class 10
Camera VGA 640x480
Browser WAP 2.0
Polyphonic ringtones

Real funny when you look at it now.

How times have moved on.

Posted by bipinm
Happy Birthday Esato!

I came here for k750 and i love being here...
Thanks for the wonderful people too,who love SONY just like me...

Posted by goldenface
Wow! I came here first with a T300 looking for wallpapers.

Posted by Rubenos
Lol, late happy birthday. It was also my birthday haha

Posted by razec
HOLA! Happy birthday @Rubenos!!!

Posted by Lunion
It's quite scary to think how much technology has changed in twelve years (I just found out I don't need to touch my screen on my mobile to select things, worries me a little ha ha).

I used to visit here on a few of my old phones, just for wallpapers. I signed up in 2007 and the forum has been very helpful. Also checking for rumours is a daily thing now.

Happy Birthday, Esato and here's to many more years.

Posted by cableguy
yeah i joined to get icons for my T39, way back....
loved most of my ericsson/sony ericsson phones

Posted by Supa_Fly
12yrs ... seems longer than that (maybe a previous name?)

Joined eons ago when I got my first Ericsson T-18z as recommended by my local Eriman.

This celebration unfortunately comes off as bittersweet. We've lost contact (I hope only that and not fully lost) a very dear member on these boards ... some, such as myself, who've never personally met him would indeed consider him a friend and mentor in various aspects.

So this birthday, although belongs to Esato ... I personally feel goes out to Masseur!

Peace ... One Love!

Posted by hihihans
@supa-fly, friends come and go but some can't be replaced. Enjoy you knew them.

Posted by goldenface
I too was thinking of masseur the other day - a legend!

Posted by ayejatt
Happy Birthday Esato!

From my first K700i to come on here.. tiny screen,vga camera, 2g internet,not much space..
to the current xperia Z.. technology is flying and so is the time

I still surf around here, less engaged due to various reasons...

Hopefully masseur is also doing the same, god bless him.
God bless you all!

Posted by Oogamous
Esato has always been the best forum ever with some jolly good folks.

Happy Birthday.

And a shout out to one of the greatest moderators this forum ever had - Masseur. Hope he is in peace.

Any word on the Great Bobafett or ScotsBoy? Just remembering some of the most active members in the early days.

Posted by goldenface
It's seems like decades since we heard from them

Axxxr popped up a few months back and posted in the masseur thread. I got up to some mischief with him

I remember the infamous K900i thread me and him created, which still brings a smile to my face even now.

Posted by Aivar
Birthday greetings from Estonia!

Posted by hihihans
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