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J10i2 Elm help

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Posted by turbogt16v
Hello there,

i need some help,just got new/old phone J10i2 Elm and whatnt to change drivers and patch it a litle

Is there a free way just to pach it so i can use mobyeplorer and chane camera and audio drivers

phone is RED not BROWN

THIS is what Omnius says


Action journal
21:41:26 Identify
21:41:26 Shows detailed information about the connected phone.
21:41:26 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
21:41:26 Application version: 1.41.4828
21:41:26 . The action name is 'Identification'
21:41:26 Selected phone type: J10
21:41:26 Selected connection method: USB EROM
21:41:26 i Instructions
21:41:26 i 1. Make sure the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
21:41:26 i 2. Switch off the phone!
21:41:26 i 3. Remove the phone battery and wait at least 5 seconds, then insert the battery back to the phone!
21:41:26 i 4. Press and hold the button C, then connect the cable to the phone!
21:41:26 . The action started waiting for the user
21:41:37 . The action finished waiting for the user
21:41:37 Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB1)...
21:41:37 w Device driver version: → An old device driver!
21:41:37 Entering baseband CPU service mode...
21:41:37 Detected chipset: DB3350 'F100
21:41:37 Boot mode: EROM
21:41:37 IMEI: 35480804176804
21:41:37 OTP CID: 81
21:41:37 OTP area status: Locked
21:41:37 Product type: Retail
21:41:37 Effective color: Red
21:41:37 Sending loader...
21:41:38 Sending loader...
21:41:38 NAND flash chip ID: 00EC-00AC
21:41:39 Phone type: J10i2
21:41:39 MAPP CXC article: R7CA061 prg1231-1917_GENERIC_SU
21:41:39 MAPP CXC version: R7CA061
21:41:39 CDA article: 1235-6812
21:41:39 CDA version: R9A
21:41:39 Default article: 1229-0655
21:41:39 Default version: R7CA061
21:41:39 Language package: CENTRAL-EUROPE
21:41:39 i The phone is not locked to a network.
21:41:39 Sending loader...
21:41:40 Starting file system...
21:41:42 Initializing GDFS access...
21:41:42 Turning off the phone...
21:41:42 i Please disconnect battery and cable from the phone!
21:41:42 s Successfully done.
21:41:43 . The action entered shutdown phase
21:41:43 . The action reported success

Additional details
43 50 00 BF EA FF 9E 15 98 F7 DE 57 B4 81 FF 34

Can anyone Help

Thank you

Posted by kyriakos001
With FAR 2 +cxc patcher +sefp2 (do cid81) can do anything you want. Download it from here http://www.4shared.com/rar/ub[....]_cxc_patcher_sefp2__do_ci.html
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