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Blue light permanently on

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Posted by ironwill
I own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro. Just recently a blue light has come on in the LED. Not only is it permanently on it stops the green light from blinking when it used to notify me that i had a text.
I emailed the support group from the sony website who advised me to update the soft ware , which i did.
But the blue light is still on. Even when i turn the phone off it stays on.

Also when someone rings me , i cannot hear them speaking , but im not sure if they can hear me. So basically the phone is only useful to me for texting. Being a 47 year old im not into all the other software that is on the phone.
Please can someone help with any of these problems.

Thank you in advance.

Posted by hihihans
First step with trouble is almost always to connect to pc and let SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) try to fix it. A re-install of the software might be needed. Don't forget to make a back-up as you will loose all content. Good luck.

Posted by ironwill
I have done what you suggested but i have still got the blue ligh and now the green indicator light that informs me that ive got a text does not flash anymore.
Please can you or someone solve this problem.
Thank you.

Posted by tranced
I have a similar situation:

On 2012-10-24 16:28:34, tranced wrote:
2- My X10MP is really acting up lately. The earphone is not working. Need to be in speaker mode so I can hear people. The LED indicator is not working anymore. Yesterday the screen seemed to be ok. I wanted to use the keyboard and when I slided the screen, it went black. If I pushed it down a little bit it would be ok, but I cannot keep the screen that way.

How long have you been with the phone?

Posted by ironwill
I have had the phone nearly 18 months now. In all its not been a bad phone , if anything its been a little too technical for me as i only ever really use a phone for calls and texts but ive always had Sony ericsson phones cos i like the little smiley faces.
I also have big fingers so the keyboard is a absolute godsend , but just lately it has been playing up with the blue light then losing the ability to be able to call or be called. I have also lost the green indicator light that informs me of when i have a text.
And i know this bit was my fault but to add insult to injury i plugged it into the pc and re-installed the software thinking that that may work but all ive managed to do is lose all my contact numbers and ive still got the problem.
Contacted Sony and all they say is if its not a software problem then they dont know what is wrong with it.
Not much help to me that wasnt.

Posted by tranced
Oh I see. I just have one thing in my mind: I have to take it to a service center or technician. I would take the phone apart to see if I can do it myself, but the tools are not with me.

Have you thought the same, sir?

Posted by jplacson
Have you tried removing the battery for 30 sec? Then restarting the phone? The X10 MP has a tendency to get certain notification cycles stuck

Posted by tranced
Yes, I have tried. I remember there are times when the charging led stayed on even if I disconnected it.

Posted by ironwill
Well. I have removed the battery. Have re-installed the software. But nothing. I have lost all the lights now including the blue light.
Could it reallly be that the phone is 18 months old and that it is just not made to last.

Posted by hihihans
Most my phones start to have hickups after 18 months, I wouldn't be surprised if yours is the same. Shame.

Posted by tranced
My phone is 99% dead. When I press the power button it just vibrates and sometimes the keyboard lights up.

Posted by jplacson
Sounds like a motherboard issue... happened to my Xperia ray twice. It's still in the shop now, hence my purchase of the Xperia P.

First the charge controller died. Phone would heat up for no reason, then chew up the battery in 2 hours. Wouldn't charge. Second time, Bluetooth and Wifi transmitters stopped working (I'm guessing it's one module) so Sony PH is waiting for a new part from Malaysia or SG I think.

Posted by tranced
Oh boy! You just killed my hopes

I'm watching the Xperia U. It's a cheap but powerful phone for its price. In the meanwhile I'll carry my K750 and K790

Posted by kunalmothe
This sounds you are facing virus problem and you have to restart factory system by just dialing one number *2067*3855#. Then after if you getting any problem then show to mobile shop.

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