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dead k800

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Posted by daniel.omal
hello guys ı am havıng problems wıth my k800 phone. picked up a vırus through the memory card, now the phone wont power up but everytıme ı put the phone to charge the ınfra red lıght blınks twice.

ı have just managed to get setools2lıte but also fındıng thıs very dıffıcult to use.

can anyone out theır please HELP. thanks

Posted by laffen
It's the first time I hear about a virus for the K800 which runs Sony Ericsson's proprietary OS. Must be something else wrong with your device. Have you tried using another charger. Or maybe swap the battery with a new one

Posted by daniel.omal
i think the problem is the erom. as i have tried a new battery but the status of the phone remains the same. does not switch on i tried using setools2lite but the problem remains the same.

i will post the reading of setools2lite.

Posted by Boysie
Definately NOT due to any virus as it's impossible for a virus to infect or affect your K800. You problem is either a damaged EROM or GDFS.

Posted by ceaser2008
Exactly right. I think no java based phone can pick up the virus. If virus is there, it would remain ineffective as some file. Thats it.

I had used this phone for 2 years. And based on my interaction with this lovely phone, I can say confidently that its a battery issue. Your battery is completely drained out. The blinkling light in infrared shows this status. You need to charge the battery either by phone itself or by some external charger. Note that your battery is completely drained out so after plugging in the charger to phone, it might take some time before turning on itself showing phone is charging. You have used new battery. Is it also charged?

Every phone has different indication for showing the complete battery out of charge. My previous phone, k850i was showing red light blinking under power button.

If this doesn't help, then there might be other problem.

PS - To use any flashing tool, you need to have fully charged battery.

Posted by nurole
daniel.omal....try to connect your k800 with omnius server...work with my k800 red blink...

Posted by Boysie

On 2012-08-01 09:01:19, nurole wrote:
daniel.omal....try to connect your k800 with omnius server...work with my k800 red blink...

Only 'identify' is free for A1 phones, all other operations are paid.

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