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fbt update for south africans

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Posted by Befree
well i have managed to get sum free browsing on cellc network with sum vpn softwares like tsunami vpn,pd proxy and proxpn because the cn connect thru port 443 and also by using squid and yawp and also managed to make cproxy wok for a bit with cellc and its up and down so lets share our finding people

Posted by luckswabana
Spammer on the loose!!...close the topic admin like his previous ones......

Posted by darkhacker27
the only free internet that is here in sa is cellc which is eazy with timeouts.

other networks which is able to trick at the moment on direct access is 8ta, cellc and voda.
my new internet tunnel app will be released at the end of the month which will be called "darkwebacces"
*supported networks on direct internet access is "8ta-thanks to me" "Cell C-thanks to me" "Vodacom-thanks to kingkobra, tsnake and sumdumbguy"

My voda trick which is the fastest"here is a hint to the fbt king *kingkobra* how ip's cant get block from voda
its very simple just combine the kingkobra and tsnake trick with sumdumbguy mobile trick and to darkwebclan your forum is easy to hack i will always have access to your forum without you knowing it.. You guys made a bad choice to bann me from your forum.
8ta is also fast i get up to 600kbps in atlantis her is proof

Voda speed which is the fastest cant get it to work with idm only default firefox downloader here is the proof

Fastest cellc speed i get here is proof

Fastest Virgin Mobile only 36kbps

1 Meg Wireless Adsl Hack WEP Encryption Proof I Also Got Wireless Outdoor Entenna Up To 20Kilomters "

All Networks will always have loopholes just go deep and you will find and more hints on creating your own freesite what you need is a domain correct a-record and mx-record settings then everything will work fine. enjoy guys

i have only managed to get mtn work on freesite no direct connection will post proof assoon as i get another mtn sim sim got stolen lol.....

To All Who Says At Darkwebclan All Good Things Comes To An End I Really Dont Believe You!!
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Posted by luckswabana

Posted by touns_J
lol Darkhacker aka @Badboyshakeel from Atlantis... you're a piece of shiiit...Admin close this topic ALREADY !!!!

Posted by luthor
@badboy r u gona sell ur tricks again and rip everyone off

Posted by darkhacker27
im not selling anything dudes im givin it for free but seems that im a piece of shit no tunnel gonna get public anymore so no internet for esato members im out cheers

@doelied2 i will never ever help you again you owe me and dont come back crawling to me when i get that trick blocked just remember that

Posted by Befree
ayt dude mayb theres sum bad blood lets move on we all been ripd off so darkhacker cn u gve me sum fbt since i cnt gt on watsapp nw my phne got lost

Posted by luthor
thats your own fault badboy u pissed alot of oaks off by ripping them off and now u r upset cause they call u a piece of sh1t whos fault is that no ones bt your own

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