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help - Can't see system files in SATIO

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Posted by panonski
I install signed vers. of HELOo2x, X Plore, I have Rom Patcher,

( c2z not yet )

With "X PLORE" I cant see any file or folder which is explain in tutorials for camdriver or kokkoro moding?

i need to know how do I acess to this file TO Install:
1. Enable Open4All in RomPatcher+
2. Delete C:\\Private\\102072c4

Now I have in satio R1CA037 vODAFONE. ...

I'm planning to update to R2ak006, and I'm total beginer in this. I need some real help here.

I want to install kokoro mod 3.2 version and I want to install eltofer camdriver.

Just downloaded X PLORE and I still can't see Private folder on :C or E:

In which program I can mess around with these files?
That's a first question,

How I can upload firmware and not to lose my helloo2x hacked

/ I bought omnius license for one day, be quick /

Posted by panonski
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