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k750 problems with conecting to pc

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Posted by 98989
hello guys

i just get a k750 which was used only 3 months , not scratch in really good condition.....

but phone was in water before 4years , and it did not worked after this , now i get it and try to turn on and it worked , but phone is locked and i want to flash it......

but when i use cable it does not connect to pc , just charging ( pc recognize it as unknown device)

i tried to force windows (xp) to install drivers manually but no success , also tried to use flash drivers but no success

and one thing , phone 3 times until now switched to handsfree mode when i use cable

please help my 5-6year old k750 is almost dead , there is no anymore normal phones on market and i can not get used to the touch screen( i have vivaz slightly over a year and i still dont know how to use it)

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