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plz suggest a phone

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Posted by kingshere
hi guys

well m looking for a phone which have following features
1. chat style sms A MUST HAVE ( also known as conversation or threaded view)
2. WIFI and 3g ( can do without wifi also)
3. touch screen
4. 3 / 5 mpxl cam with flash ( without flash will do if phone's good in other areas)

i was going for Samsung Monte, bt got a review that it does not have chat style sms, and was suggested to go for Samsung galaxy mini, saw its review online and it said its touch isn't good and also the qwerty keyboard on such a small screen didn't go well with me because I'll use phone more messaging A LOT and the display isn't THat god too.
I also cam across Nokia c5 03 but its review show that its touch isn't that responsive and while viewing pics in gallery it takes time to show the files and in sunlight.....

i came across Sony Ericsson elm but it isn't a tough screen.

OS doesn't matter that much means i can let go of android if phone's good

suggest some other good phones in Samsung, Nokia, or Sony Ericsson with above features
my budget is Rs 10000/-
HELP its getting really confusing

thanks in advance
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Posted by pdxc
try these phones

sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro

it has got all of your requirements and since you said that you always use you phone for messaging, the hardware qwerty keyboard of it is big plus. but this phone has only 2.55" touchscreen of QVGA resolution and the the android version of it was stuck to 2.1 elclair and cant be upgraded anymore. i think the price of this phone is close to your budget

samsung galaxy gio

it doesn't have a flash but the camera of it for taking is pretty good. it has a poor video recording quality though. the current andriod version of it is 2.2 froyo and its upgrade for 2.3 gingerbread is just around the corner.

samsung wave 723

it has a good 5mp camera with flash but the video recording quality is relatively poor. the screen of it also has a low resolution and its major disadvantage over android is it has limited number of available applications

samsung galaxy ace

is also a good choice but you have to bring out few more bucks. you will get a very good 5mp camera with flash (but poor video recording quality again) 3.5" display and its upgrade to 2.3 gingerbread is just around the corner.

i'm not sure about the prices of the phones that i have mentioned. just check it if it fits in your budget.
i hope this will help you

Posted by kingshere
thanks a lot for the suggestions..... i'll go for sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro for the time being but will upgrade to a better phone in couple of months.....

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