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Posted by seboy81
What you see is what i got, found when do a spring clean, open to offers of any kind

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Posted by mlife
Would you consider shipping to USA... if so how much for the ILP-20, IBT20, Car and Camera? Or if interested in trades, what type of stuff interests you which I may have to trade

Posted by ofiaich
Hi seboy81!

does the car work with a W900i? I will research it later, but am interested in the car.

There is a great thread here at esato about modding the car!


Posted by Marly
Hi Ofiaich,

I've had a Car (sold it to Tigerente, well-known in the Ericsson-topics), you can't charge it with W900i and other phones with fast-port connector.
You'd need a phone with the old charger connector, i.e. K700i or older.
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Posted by ofiaich
Thanks for that Marly!

I will withdraw my interest!

Free bump!


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