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should i buy c5-03 or c901

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Posted by adeelshah
im confused in nokia c5-03 and c901. plz help which one i should buy!

Posted by mriley
Definately C901!
Don't get a phone with a resistive touch screen - you won't like it, it doesn't compare to capacitive.
Forget the Nokia, Only trust Sony Ericsson

Check out the C901 User Reviews to learn more about the phone

Posted by buntoo
It depends on you what you like and what you need. Both are entirely different devices running on different platforms.

If you need a Featured phone that fulfils your basic needs calls/messaging/music with style & speed Go for C901 (It is also one of the best 5mp camera shooter)

And if you need a smartphone, which will let you read office documents with a larger screen, more resolution, Go for C5-03.

But personally i never recommend a nokia phone specially these slow symbian ones. But choice is yours

Posted by Bonovox
C5 01 are you kidding me?? Total deal that phone is its old Symbian not even Symbian 3. Need I say more??

Posted by hamendra
I will suggest you for C901. It has 2.2 inches display with 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, xenon flash, LED flash.

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