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Get phone contact back from a broken P1i

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Posted by triplerotor
Hello!i need help!
my p1i screen r broken when i drop.the phone able to run but i cant see a thing cos its a plain black screen now.
when i take the battery off,n on it back,i can hear the sound when u turn it on.
MY problem is all my contact are stored in the phone.i not done any backup using the sony software
please help me!all my client and friends are there.
when i try to connect blindly,my phone keep connect to FILE TRANSFER MOD,not PHONE MOD where i can back it up.
so any way i can view all the contact number???

Posted by tranced
Give a try to MyPhoneExplorer. It could download your phonebook to the pc.

Posted by arvinlad
Replace screen?

Posted by triplerotor
thanx for the reply!
ive bought new phone.the problem now is the contact in my p1i.
i forgot to save my contact to sim card.all the contact are saved in the phone..
now trying to use the myphoneexplerer

Posted by triplerotor
ive tried it.my problem now whenever i try to connect my phone
it keeps connecting to file transfer mode!
i can only use my scrollwheel to navigate blindly

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