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Satio Help Plzzz

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Posted by hottyyy
hi, I searched alot on internet, I get this site, hope someone would help me.
I was updating my satio, and updates fail, I charge my battery with external charger and try it again, but no. I tried PC suite Phone repair but no hpe. is there n e one who can help me???
I dnt know what to say but thanks in advance,
excuse my english
I just can't sleep whole night I was trying to update my satio......

Posted by AlexJumper
Reflash it with SEUS

Posted by hottyyy
thnxs for reply man,
but I can't pass through SEUS from downloading.
downloading fail,
and I also Charge my battery. is there any other way to flash my satio?
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Posted by Zacie
Delete %programfiles%\\Sony Ericsson\\Update Service\\db\\13740270 folder, then open SEUS and flash the phone. If fails, re-delete the 13740270 folder and downgrade/re-upgrade the fw using THIS guide.

Posted by hottyyy
thnx man, but I already try it out. If I reinstall my window, and install pc suite and SEUS and then try to update normally(not with downgrading method) any hope????

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