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dropped my satio in a drink

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Posted by satioste
just dropped my satio in a glass of fizzy drink is there anything i should shouldnt do,worried satio user

Posted by skurk198
It happend to me once but it was on a nokia N70, so i unscrewed the whole phone and i left it to dry for the whole day, than i screwed everything back together, and believe it or not, the phone had no damage,

just remember if you take your phone apart just remember where everything must go!!!

Posted by Skrue
you shouldn't have dropped it in a glass of fizzy drink

let it dry..

Posted by skurk198
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Posted by jj03
I see someones gone mental with the copy and paste. Relax pal. . . I hope your phone recovers..

Posted by tranced
Rice helps. Take the phone apart and let it rest inside the rice. It worked for my C702. Rice is meant to absorb the humidity.

Posted by satioste
well i risked turning my phone back on bad news is on the white screen there is damage to the screen wet patch covers half the screen but when photo or coloured backround is on its hardly noticable also all the touch screen functions work so whilst im peeved of with the white screen damage it could have been terminal damage

Posted by ackky
I had an N95 which went for a swim, and had the same anomoly (after entering my pint of stella) good news a few weeks later it vanished, your normally ok with alchol, then fizzy drinks, the worst is tea and coffee! If your ever drop your phone into a drink take the battery out asap, wipe, strip the phone down as soon as you can and put in airing cupboard as soon as possible for a day or two, the trick is not getting tempted to turn it back on quickly!

Posted by djin
wash it with plain water and remove the battery cover and keep it in rice(for atleast 3 days).. i kept my n96 inside rice for a month and its working after that(it fell in a ditch full of water and i found it more than half an hour later).

Posted by altemyr
I just recently left a T700 in the back pocket of a pair of jeans which I threw into the washing machine. I found out, and terminated the washing program after 15 minutes, but the phone was really dead afterwards. I disassembled as much as I dared of the phone, blew the parts dry with a hair dryer and let it rest for a couple of days and then re-assembled it, and to my astonishment, it worked. However, the short-circut situation while the battery was still wet caused the battery to loose mots of its charging capacity.
What can happen are two things:
1) While the components are still wet and the power is still on, the currency may route in directions it shouldn't, and then damage sensitive circuits.
2) After a couple of days, even when it has dried out, corrosion may appear, especially on contact and switch surfaces. This is especially common if the phone was dropped in salt water or, for example a sweet drink. In this case, it may help to wash all parts in clean water.

Posted by aldrinus
the suggestion of tranced is definitely worth a try. i guess that would be better than drying it under the sun or using a hair blower....

Posted by gharknes1
remove battery asap, take out the main circuit board etc and wash with soapy water, keep water away from display sometimes they are not sealed very well, water will not harm anything and will dry completely, do not let the fizzy drink dry on anything it will leave a harmful residue, you can then help the drying process by using a hair dryer or an air line

your current screen wet patch is most likely to be the touch sensor layer and not the LCD panel, you can buy them on ebay

I guess this post is way too late lol
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Posted by Monaco
Good, now you have an excuse to finally get a better phone that you deserve. I can't wait for the day my Satio breaks down on me.

Actually it has twice blacked out and not able to light up unless I pull the battery and restart it. Oh what a wonderful phone.

Posted by Xajel
You remebred me of my old K750i I had... and still

It was winter several years ago when I went up to fix a rain drainer... I fixed it and returned back home... toke my lunch, and 2 hours later took the after noon tea when I discovered that I don't have the phone which I always carry...
I looked for it every where but didn't find it... so I called it from home telephone... it was ringing but I could not find it or hear it

so I went back to every where I went with the home phone with me ( wireless ) so I can call it...

finally I put my foot in a big pool of rain water on the house roof.. and I felt strange vibration in the water !! I looked on it but could not find any thing...

I moved my foot till I felt the vibration stronger and stronger till I found my phone in upside down position and ringing !! I could not see the light coz the screen was underside and hidden in that pool...

I removed it and turned it off, removed tha battery for two hours with the ceiling fan pushing air to it...

I started it again and amazingly it worked very nice !! except some keys in the keyboard and the joystick had some issues...
sadly even I could not repair them as the dealer don't fix water problem even out of warranty... and other places didn't have a replace keypad board...

It's still working... but the keypad problem makes it unpracticle...

Posted by elsuirad
You mean like this??


Wash it with LIGHTER FLUID. It works, 100% Guaranteed!!

Tried and tested on several kinds and models of mobile phones:
* Dropped in laundry while washing clothes.
* Accidentally Dropped on pool.
* Soaked under water for almost 30 minutes (owner forgot his unit inside trouser and jumped on water)
* Washed inside washing machine (unit inside pants and forgot to check by the maid)
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Posted by fairen
Dropped my old phone in water accidentally while I was in the bath tub and what I did was to take the phone apart and let it dry for 2 days straight then when I turned it on it worked just fine. I just don;t know if you can get the same result if the phone was dropped in a fizzy drink

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