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Opera browser and post/pm editor bug

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Posted by tranced
Hello all!

It's been frustrating for me to type all the BB codes just because when I'm using Opera browser I cannot use the features of these editors.

For example, if I want to put some words in bold by clicking the "B", the result I get is a misplaced "". Like this:

- I want it to work properly
- This doesn't love me
- I'm serious about this

And so on. You can imagine how would it be if I want to do lists.

I don't know if I'm the only one with this. I hope so though.

Maybe the problem is Opera's JavaScript?

Posted by boy.in.PINK
I'm also experiencing such in my Opera 10. What I do is to click the textbox with the caret positioned on what will I edit then clicking the command. But this is still hassle.

Posted by tranced
Exactly. I'm even running the Opera 11 beta version and I thought this would solve the probs. But no.

Posted by ceaser2008
You are right tranced its a problem with opera as when you click 'B' button it will put at the start of all your writings and then duplicate your writings again. Very frustrating.

You can do one thing to make things way to easier and faster then ever. I am using this.

I have put all necessary bbcodes in 'my words'. So when i need it i just need to press dot and browse through the words and use.

Posted by tranced
@ceaser: "my words"? Are you talking about the phone? I mean when using the computer.

Posted by ceaser2008
Opps,.. My mistake. I was talking about operamini for phone.

On pc i am using google chrome. and it works perfect.

Posted by tranced

They are ok?

I guess no

Posted by Excalibur69
I've not encountered that yet. Strange.

Posted by tranced
And what Opera desktop version are you using?

Here I'm again testing.

Is this working?

I guess no.


Using Opera Browser 11 beta.

Posted by laffen
Is the problem still there? You will probably need to clear the browser cache to notice the changes. When using the simple editor page, a simple press on the F5 key could to the trick.

Posted by tranced
Will try as soon as I get home. I'm now from the mobile version.

Posted by tranced
Testing now. It seems to be solved.

Thanks, laffen

Update: the Preview option doesn't show the BBcodes, the HTML codes nor smileys.

Update2: now it's fixed at all
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Posted by Excalibur69
@tranced, sorry for the late reply...BTW, i am using Opera 11 build 1111.

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