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Satio touchscreen irresponsive

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Posted by altemyr
Today, my Satio suddenly refused to accept input from the touch screen. Wherever I tried to tap the screen, either with my fingers or with the stylus, nothing happened. I tried to turn it off and on again, but then it was not possible to enter the SIM PIN, since it still did not accept any input. I tried removing the battery for 30 secs and then restart, still no input. Then I initiated a SEUS firmware update using the USB cable, which I cancelled at the final step before the update begins, since I already have the latest firmware and continuing would erase the contents of the phone. After that, I rebooted the phone, and now it seems to work again. Has anyone else experienced something similar ? since it now works again, I doubt that it is a hardware problem.

Posted by vladthestar
I have a similar problem like u, but on my case the touch input is not perfect, if I press for a message is taking the dialling button, even if I try to calibrate it is not working, to restart device the same, my screen is back to normal only if I wipe the screen hard with a cloth. Sometimes is god damn annoying!

Posted by eltoffer
both cases i have experienced


believe or not the digitizer flex cable moved from its place so it was not doing the right contact to the pins BUT why???? i dont know, a poor manufacturer LOL


unscrew the front cover and then replace it that makes the flex cable to touch pins, or wait until your phone responds


My own experience BTW i have changed the digitizer 3 times :S

Posted by dipb
did someone also face similar problem. I seem to face the same problem as mentioned in the 2nd post

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