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Posted by fluke9
Can't find this on 3 does anyone know if you can tether your phone to a PC on 3 ???

Can I also use the sim in a dongle ???

Posted by lukechris
You can do both, but it is most definitly not reccomended, unless you can an actual tethering plan.
Your standard data allowance will not allow this, via phone OR dongle, the same is being done

Posted by fluke9
Thanks mate.

Just wondering 1gig a month, sure I read somewhere that 3 were the only ones that allow you to use your phone as a modem.

And also allowed you to use it in a dongle just can't find it now.
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Posted by goldenface
I used to tether my laptop to my X10 regularly and I'm on Three. My allowance is 1Gig but I regularly used 1.7 - 2 Gig before I receive that dreaded text message (you are about to be cut off blah blah blah).

Posted by Bonovox
There is or was a phone made by INQ 1 which could be used as a modem & 3UK allowed this actual phone to be used as one. Not sure if it's still around though

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