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Satio Network Issue

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Posted by Zlayer
I have a tmobile phone plan, and my satio's network is already set to tmobile

is this means that when i connect to wifi i will have to pay to go online?? ( i do not have data plan)

if so, how can i reset the network so that i dont have to pay when i go on with wifi


Posted by DarkKrypt
it automaticaly switches off your tmobile internet when you connect to wifi - wifi is free

Posted by Robinsonn
Wi-Fi Direct has a few things in common with newer Bluetooth devices that pair with less effort than in the original Bluetooth schema, and in that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct both advertise available services. But the notion is that you get the speed (up to 802.11n) and security (WPA2 mandatory) of Wi-Fi with enormously simpler setup than connecting to a new Wi-Fi network for a moment and then setting up a connection with a specific device. And in cases in which you don't have an access point, such as trying to exchange a file between two mobile devices.
ISTQB Advanced 3-Module Bundle

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