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Lebara UK free internet until Aug 30

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Posted by fbloise
Lebara Mobile UK is giving free internet until Aug 30. The only catch is only 10mb per day, and 15 pence per MB after that.

I think is enough for twitter, facebook updates and mobile browsing.
More info here:

Also Ive been testing a lot of companies and Lebara is the one with the cheapest rates when calling Latin America and Caribbean.
Example: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico: 4p per minute. Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia: 10p per minut.

Posted by fbloise
Free Internet offer for prepaid now ends Sept. 30!!
*Free 10MB daily allowance
*15p per MB after that

Posted by Bonovox
I keep seeing these Lebra & Lyca mobile evrywhere

Posted by fbloise
LOL, me too.

The internet offer is now until Nov. 30 so is cool to have free 10MB for daily internet usage.

Posted by Lollylost100
From giffgaff I get 100mb/day until December.
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Posted by fbloise
Is that in the uk?

Posted by Lollylost100
Yes. www.giffgaff.co.uk .

Posted by etaab
I sell Lebara and Lyca sim cards in my store that im the manager of. They're very popular with foreign students due to their low call rates abroad.

10mb a day is rather low, unless its for small packets of Facebook updates. For anything else its rather low, since i can view pages on Esato bigger than 10mb sometimes !

Posted by Bonovox
What network does this run off?

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