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Best lossless format for C901

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Posted by TTT
I thought I could use a wma lossless song on my phone but no.

What format and settings are the best for lossless sound?
I'd prefer not to use wav since the songs are about 45mb each.

This is the one I tried.

Artist Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Title Walking On The Milky Way
Album The OMD Singles
Track 18
Genre Synthpop
Year 1998
Size 27,59 MB (33% Compressed)
Original Size 40,87 MB
Length 4 minutes 2 seconds
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 KHz{CR}
Sample Size 16 bit
Bit Rate 1 411 kbps
Encoder Windows Media Audio 9.2 Lossless
Encoder Settings VBR Quality 100, 44 kHz, 2 channel 16 bit 1-pass VBR
Audio Quality Perfect (Lossless)
Contains Album Art, ID Tag [WMA ID Tag]
Channel Mapping
File OMD - Walking On The Milky Way
Type VLC media file (.wma) [.wma]

Posted by tranced
To make quality MP3 files from classical music and jazz, the best bitrate depends on the song’s characteristics. Soft jazz can normally be replicated at 192kbps to create a good balance between file size and diminishing returns, though 256kbps might sound better on the home entertainment center. Orchestral classical should do well at 256kbps for portable players, but files of 320kbps might be a better choice if you'll be burning to CD for the home or car.

Taken from the What is a Good Bitrate Guideline for MP3 Files?

Hope it helps

Posted by TTT
Sorry. I want to know what lossless format that works with the C901. It supports WMA but why not in lossless?

Posted by tranced
I suppose you're using Windows Media Player to rip that CD. Anyway, it seems that some phones support up to wma 9 pro files.

Posted by number1
The difference between bitrates is the high-end freq cut off, a 128kbps mp3 won't have freqs above 16khz so will lack in the highs, i recommend you encode your music for your phone in 320kbps a 320 will have freqs up to 22khz, lossless formats contain all the freqs the tune was made with could be 50khz+ ,the typical human ear can hear 20khz - 20hz (you can feel freqs lower than 20hz though), so really lossless is a waste of memory as you can't really hear anything above 20khz anyway and as you get older the maxium frequence you can hear drops, also the frequence responce of the phone and headphones will degrade the quality further. Look at the frequency response for the c901 here: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_c901-review-401p5.php , the frequency response is a dreadful mess to begin with hardly a device for a audiofile it should be a straight line like the iphone, from the graph i can tell the bass is heavy, midrange is lacking and the treble is harsh, most importantly the frequency cut off is 21khz, so even if it could play lossless audio it would be 0 different to a 320 mp3 but 10x the file size.

Posted by TTT
Ok thanks for that. I know that you can clearly hear a difference between 320kb/s and 1400kb/s but since the output of the C901 is as it is it won't make a difference. And that fact that I have modded acoustics and clearbass patch won't make a difference, or will it?

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